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NFL Combine Eve!

NFL Combine Widget!

Top of the Evening!

Light posting today as I've had to get some odds and ends ready for the Big Cat Country Scouting Combine Spectacular!  Yes, that's right, I'll be blogging live from Indianapolis all weekend long!

Now, I'll admit that the Combine is going to be full of rumors and workouts that don't really tell us much about a player, but it's also a mere 9 days before the start of Free Agency, and there's bound to be some movement on that front.

Now, there are lots of places that will be offering Combine reporting, but there are a few good reasons to keep Big Cat Country constantly refreshed over the next few days.

What to expect from the coverage:

  1. Live Blogs: While I don't expect things to happen rapid fire all weekend long, there will be times that a live blog of player interviews, Q and A periods, etc will be important.  When things get exciting, expect a live blog.
  2. Interviews: Basically, I'm going to attempt to talk to as many players, agents, team officials, etc that will give me the time of day.  I've got a recorder and my transcript notebooks all ready, so  here's to hoping someone will sit down and talk with me.
  3. Jaguars Focused Stories: If I hear something related to the Jaguars, expect to see it here first.  I'll keep my ear to the RCA dome for any inkling as to what players we're interviewing, watching, measuring, etc.  While it's hard to know  who will end up in teal based on the combine, it'll give us a closer look into how the team approaches the draft.
It's going to be exciting, I assure you.  But it can also be interactive!  If you hear something, read something, or watch something about the Combine and would like it to be verified/researched, please drop me a line and I'm happy to go to work.  If there's a player you want to know more about, I'd encourage you to let me know and I'll see what I can do.  The more information we have about these players, the better we can figure out if they are potential Jaguars or not.

So stick around.  I arrive in Indianapolis around noon tomorrow (ugh, 6am flight), and you can expect content to start rolling all the way till Sunday night!