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NFL Combine: Thursday quick thoughts!

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So I've survived the first day of Combine Crazyness.  While I haven't found the depth I'm looking for yet, I did stumble across some semi-intersting tidbits.

  • I overheard two Falcons Officials very loudly cursing Patriots owner Robert Kraft about tickets, though not enough to get the specifics.  Other than several F-bombs.
  • The same two Falcons officials were ambushed by a fan that was demanding that they sign former Miami Linebacker Zach Thomas.
  • Speaking of the Falcons, I had a true "fan moment" when not less than three feet from me was our former Defensive Coordinator and current Atlanta Head Coach Mike Smith.  I did the right thing and introduced myself, shook his hand, wished him luck in Atlanta and thanked him for what he did in Jacksonville.  He was nice enough to deal with my gushing and even seemed pleased that someone gave him props.  That's probably the highlight of the day.
  • Someone way smarter than me explained that Titans TE Ben Troupe is a bust because he's "not smart enough" to master an NFL playbook.  I then said, if Ben's not smart enough, what about Vince Young?  
  • There are lots of people trying to sell things.  Training aids, Weight Machines, energy drinks, etc.  Though it's refreshing to know that someone is lower on the Combine Hierarchy than I am, these guys are almost sad.
  • I saw a couple of Jaguars Coaches, including (I think) Defensive Assistant Tom Williams and Offensive Coordinator Dirk Koetter.  I'm not 100% on the latter, though he was being really friendly with Mike Smith, which makes complete sense.
  • I should be getting an insiders perspective on what the Agent's meeting on Friday means for the small market teams, especially if the subject is the possibility of an uncapped year in 2010.  There is, of course, a conflict of interest in asking an agent what he thinks of free market anarchy, but the point of view should be interesting.
  • A Texans assistant referred to the combine as "exciting as pounding sand"
I know, none of this is particulary interesting, but tomorrow I'll be in the press conferences for Wide Receivers, Quaterbacks and Running Backs, and that should be far more intersting.  I'll also be interviewing Aaron of Football Outsiders fame.  He'll be offering a stats based opinion of the Jaguars and maybe a surprise about where they see us net season.

I'm off to find food and beverage, I'll be back later tonight!