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NFL Combine Live Blog: Part Two

Update [2008-2-22 14:58:33 by River City Rage]::If I hear one more wide receiver described as "Wes Welker", I'm going to puke.

Update [2008-2-22 13:45:8 by River City Rage]::Things have slowed down a little bit, but Jack Del Rio and James Harris are coming up soon. I'm going to record the conference and write my thoughts, then post here. Transcript will come a little later.

Update [2008-2-22 13:35:47 by River City Rage]:: Matt Ryan, QB of Boston College just walked by. He had a parade of media sycophants, up to and including Peter King. I've not seen Peter all weekend, but as soon as Boston was involved, BAM, he's right there. Gil Brandt was there as well, so much in fact that he's standing on stage next to him. I was a total loser and took pictures of em all.

Update [2008-2-22 13:5:44 by River City Rage]:: I just had a really nice interview with Brandon Breazell, Wide Receiver, UCLA. He's small, 5-11, 160 lbs, but we all know what small guys from UCLA can bring to the table. He's making a speed gamble in regards to the draft, planning on running a low 4.3 so that a team takes the risk and picks him. He's not doing any lifting, now or at his pro-day.

He's talked to Maurice Jones-Drew about the size perception. I'll have more indepth on this player later. While I don't know that he's a future Jaguar, or that he'll be NFL bound in general, but he seemed like a really cool guy.

Herm Edwards is speaking now.

All I can think about is "You Play to Win the Game!"

More to come!