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NFL Combine: Jack Del Rio Press Conference

I'll have to wait till later to get the exact transcript, but here's a quick re-hash of Jack Del Rio's Combine Press Conference!

Opening Statement:

Coach Del Rio was "Proud but not Satisfied" with his team at the end of the season.  He likes that they developed into a "Smart and Tough" team that had the fewest penalties of his tenure in Jacksonville.  He is proud of the team, but as he said "we want more".

He then gave some hints at the future...

Coach Del Rio insisted that the team build this off-season with an eye on the future, that the mission is to be a consistant contender for a championship and not put "all the eggs in one basket" for a one time shot at the big prize.  


On what Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams brings to the team's "defensive player type":  No real change in the type of players the team looks for.  The focus is on guys that are smart and are "football players", "run and hit" guys.

On Dave Campo: Jack has "lots of respect" for Dave, he's considered a "good teacher".  Jack noted the improvement in Rashean Mathis after Dave started coaching the secondary two years ago, specifically in Rashean's technique.  (This question was obviously from a Dallas reporter)

On how Gregg Williams defensive philosophy meshes with Jack's: We're very similar, disruptive defensive line combined with attacking linebackers.  The team is not changing terminology, instead Gregg is changing to use the system that Jack's used for the last 5 years.

On changing the playoff format to reward overall record over division record: As a member of the competition committee I can tell you we're looking into it further.  The benefits are that it'll make for a more exciting finish to the season.  

(I wish someone had asked him if the Jaguars place in the AFC South, for now, effected his opinion)

On the eventual rise of Maurice Jones-Drew and decline of Fred Taylor: *I don't have a crystal ball and I can't speculate on how that will change, other than that we expect a gradual change in roles.

*On the Development of Marcades Lewis: Marcades had a fantastic season if you take into account his replacement of Kyle Brady in a blocking role.  While he's not as good as Brady, he did a great job and I'm very pleased with his development.  Marcades can block at the "point of attack", but he continues to improve.

When I have time, I'll convert this to an exact transcript.