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NFL Scouting Combine: Live Blog

Update [2008-2-22 12:37:0 by River City Rage]::Tony Dungy: Excited for Combine, wants to find the players that will make the team better. It's bittersweet knowing that the dome is going to get blown up. He appreciates how the dome helped bring the fans together in the sea of blue and white. (BTW, the new stadium looks awesome).

On Changing Playoff Seeding: You have to balance out rewarding division championships with keeping the last weeks of the season meaningful.

On Resting Starters: "people think our veterans don't do anything on those weeks". "Very excited" to lock up Dallas Clark and not have to keep the franchise tag. Tony thinks that they're bringing back more guys from last year than any other season.

Admits that Polian is amazing at scouting. They have very few differences of opinion on the draft board.

Update [2008-2-22 12:16:44 by River City Rage]:: Indiana Wide Receiver James Hardy is getting a big crowd. He's a guy that get's "mock drafted" by the Jaguars a lot, though he's got some off the field issues.

Update [2008-2-22 12:14:18 by River City Rage]::Tony Dungy press conference, coming up next!

Update [2008-2-22 12:0:52 by River City Rage]:: Colt Brennan, Quaterback, Hawaii. Now, you probably know that I'm a big fan. However, I was not impressed after talking to him. First off, he's very contradictory in how he explains what happened in Colorado, blaming the media for his suspension, loss of scholarships, etc. Yet at the same time, he admits that he put himself in a bad situation. The weirdest part was when he said "a Jury found me guilty, but there were things they could have found me not guilty of", which is just odd.

That said, he did understand that he's a long term project and he's OK with being behind an established starter for awhile. He's looking for a coaching staff that's willing to work with him

He's not going to Run here, but he's really excited to show that he can throw under center. Frankly, his best shot of getting out of the 5th or 6th round is throwing like a god. He did bulk up, weighing in at 206 lbs. When asked, he says he "tries to be" like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Brett Favre.

He came across as a whiner, plain and simple. Everything was the media's fault.

Update [2008-2-22 11:37:11 by River City Rage]:: Cal WR DeSean Jackson: Trained with Jerry Rice in Pensacola, 5-9 169lbs. His brother tapes every play of his since high school. DeSean went to Poly Tech, and considers Marcades Lewis and Willie McGinist his mentors. Nice guy, but small. He's doing the full workout though, so we'll see what kind of speed he has. A fast 40 will do wonders for him.

Update [2008-2-22 11:11:38 by River City Rage]:: Brad "Major Dad" Childress is speaking now. He was "disappointed" that he wasn't in the 12 teams that made the playoffs. He wants to see more out of Tavares Jackson before making up his mind about the QB situation. His Moustache is tremendous.

Update [2008-2-22 11:2:51 by River City Rage]:: Tom Coughlin is speaking now: "It's wonderful to hear Super Bowl champions, champions of the world". They moved right from celebrating the win to getting ready for evaluations and combine preparations. "Vetearan leadership did a great job, along with our coaches, in getting our younger guys ready to play". "None of em [New guys] got big eyes, they were ready to play".

When asked "did you have this in mind when you were hear last year", Coach Coughlin replied "I had it all mapped out". On the Combine Process: "I like a good first impression", and then "do the research". "I'm grateful to not have a lotta time to prepare for this."

I'm damn proud of Coach Coughlin, he deserves all this positive attention.

Update [2008-2-22 10:51:45 by River City Rage]:: Danny Amendola of Texas Tech just came through and got a whole lot of attention. Apparantly he's got a nickname, WW2, as in "Wes Welker 2". Welker is clearly the new "ideal type" for WR's.

Tom Coughlin is up next! Update [2008-2-22 10:45:49 by River City Rage]::LSU Wide Receiver Early Doucet, measurements 6-0, 210. He's not doing any workouts because he's "85% recovered from a grade 1" hamstring strain. He'll do the full workout at his pro day on march 26th. No word on what teams have talked to him because he does his interviews today. Early is a guy that I've seen picked by the Jaguars in a lot of mock drafts, though I can't connect him to the team yet. I fear another first round WR, but he seems like a good guy. The reporters next to me joked that he "strained his hamstring going up the stairs...

Update [2008-2-22 10:33:52 by River City Rage]:: Shawn Murphy, Offensive Lineman from Utah State has interviewed with the Dolphins twice, East-West game and Combine. Switched from Defensive End to O-line. Son of MLB player Dale Murphy. He's "old" as far as this stuff is concerned, 25.

Update [2008-2-22 10:23:37 by River City Rage]:: Ryan Grice-Mullen just spoke. If you're a regular reader, you know I have an unhealthy obsession with the University of Hawaii, so hearing him talk about how June Jones made him a better receiver was fascinating. Ryan spoke very highly of embattled quarterback Colt Brennan and also of his own ability to read defenses. When asked about playing the "Run and Shoot", he says it makes him a better receiver because he faced defenses that expected lots of passing. He says he compares well to Wes Welker. Very confident, to say the least.

Update [2008-2-22 10:5:48 by River City Rage]::Dexter Jackson, WR, App State (HOT HOT HOT). The Rams, Raiders and Patriots have shown interest.

Update [2008-2-22 10:5:48 by River City Rage]:: Ted Thompson, GM of the Green Bay Packers is speaking. Rough Quote: "Most teams would rather be picking at 31". He won't speculate on a timetable for Brett Favre's decision: "It's Brett's call, he has earned the right to make his decision, we've been in conversation with him, he understands the needs of the team and he dosen't want to put the team in a bad spot". He last talked to Brett 3 days ago.

Update [2008-2-22 10:0:44 by River City Rage]::Delaware QB and Ultra Hyped Joe Flacco just spoke with the media. Lots of questions about the level of competition at Delaware, Joe says "If you can play, you can play" and that the size of the stage is meaningless. He's happy to be picked wherever he turns up in the draft. He says the weirdest question he was asked by teams was "if you have any kids?".

I'm sitting on what I think is the "quarterback" side of the room. Which isn't the most useful spot for Jaguars coverage, but whatever. I have to lie low a bit, lest I get outed.

Update [2008-2-22 9:40:39 by River City Rage]:Offensive Line prospects are finishing up their media time. OT Kirk Barton of *the* Ohio State University talked about what it was like playing for OSU and how it prepares you for the NFL. He also explained how he understands the combine process as "avoiding buying a lemon". He won't be doing the full work out because he was recovering from having his knee cleaned out.

San Diego State Offensive Lineman Will "danger" Robinson is talking as well, he sounds pretty excited to be here. He describes himself as a "hard worker" and that his game is tenacious, good use of hands and feet. I know that personality is pretty irrelevant as far as the game is concerned, but this guy has a nice air about him.

Today your humble narrator is live from the NFL Combine!  This time I'm reporting from the Media Room where we'll be covering the Wide Receivers, Running Backs and Quarterbacks.  Now I know that Jacksonville is pretty low on needs for most of these guys, but I just can't say no to the credentials.

Now NASF, my current favorite commenter, reports through reliable sources that Jacksonville has so far been connected to two players: Tackle Tony Hills, and TE Gary Barnidge.  Tony is a first team All-American from the University of Texas. (Hook'em Horns!)  He was injured last season, but it was merely (an understatement, I know) a broken fibula, something that leaves no nagging problems.

TE Gary Barnidge is from the University of Louisville, very tall at 6-6, though he plays a little high because of it.  

Admittedly, I'm jealous that someone who's not in Indianapolis is getting better information than I am...

I'm going to continue updating this thread as the day progresses.  Jack Del Rio and James 'Shack' Harris both have media availability today (2:30 and 2:45 respectively), and I'll document those as best I can.

Stay Tuned!