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2008 NFL Combine: Wide Receiver Workout Results

Update [2008-2-24 13:42:4 by River City Rage]:: Official WR Times!

Jackson, DeSean 4.35

Caldwell, Andre 4.37

Franklin, Will 4.37

Royal, Eddie 4.39

Thomas, Devin 4.40

Shields, Arman 4.44

Breazell, Brandon 4.47

(Yup, he did it, good for you Brandon!)

Simpson, Jerome 4.47

Bench Press

  1. Eddie Royal, Virginia Tech: 24
  2. Lorne Sam, UTEP: 23
  3. Darius Reynaud, West Virginia; Pierre Garcon, Mt. Union; Marcus Smith, New Mexico; Joe West, UTEP: 20
  4. Mark Bradford, Stanford and Arman Shields, Richmond: 19
  5. James Hardy, Indiana: 18
  6. Ryan Grice-Mullen, Hawaii: 17
Florida State wide receiver De'Cody Fagg was injured in a receiving drill and left on a stretcher.  It looked like a left leg injury.  I hope he interviewed well, because getting hurt in t-shirts and shorts is a red flag for the real deal.

I've seen some unofficial 40 times for the receivers, but nothing confirmed.  Michigan Wide Receiver Mario Manningham ran a very dissapointing 4.59 and 4.62, for a guy who was expected to be 4.4 he's just cost himself a bunch of money.  

Fastest times:
Dexter Jackson:(Appalachian St.)- 4.27
DeSean Jackson:  (Cal)- 4.31
Andre Caldwell: (Florida)- 4.31
William Franklin:(Missouri) - 4.32
Donnie Avery: (Houston) - 4.40

One of my favorite interviews I've had at the combine was with UCLA Wide Receiver Brandon Breazell.  He's doing the "speed gamble", in that he's not lifting, he's shown up very light (5-11, 160 lbs).  He won't say it, but his plan is to show up and blow people away with his speed and hope that convinces a team to take a shot at an undersized player.  I asked him if he talked to another "undersized" UCLA Alumni in Jones-Drew, who's talked to Brandon and told him to "don't listen to the critics, just do your thing".   That said, I've not seen any numbers for the guy so far today, but if we don't see a hot time, I don't think we'll see him on Sundays.  

Sadly, things like this make the combine seem so absurd.  You get a good guy that isn't your typical receiver but has skills and he's got to pull a miracle run to get a chance.  I'm rooting for the kid though, I don't see him being selected by Jacksonville, but he should get a shot from someone.

More coming as I hear it!