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NFL Combine: Defensive Linemen 40 Yard Dash and Bench Press Results

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We know that the Jaguars are focusing on Defensive End, so today's combine events are of far more importance than the Wide Receivers, Running Backs and Quarterbacks of yesterday.

There is one problem with these numbers, it's that I'm trying to focus on defensive ends, but you've got some guys who project as ends, and others as 3-4 outside linebackers.  Quentin Groves is listed on as a Lineman, but others are catagorizing him as a linebacker.  My point is that sometimes making sure you get every DE prospect can be a bit of a pain, so I'll have to keep updating this as I accumulate more accurate data.

40 Yard Dash: Defensive Ends

Titus Brown       
Calais Campbell        5.03
Joe Clermond        5.12
Johnny Dingle        4.92
Marcus Dixon        5.25
Chris Ellis        4.76
Jeremy Geathers        4.95
Vernon Gholston        4.64
Wallace Gilberry    4.96
Tommy Blake   
Derrick Harvey        4.8
Louis Holmes        4.86
Kenny Iwebema        4.97
Lawrence Jackson        4.81
Curtis Johnson        4.67
Brian Johnston       
Jason Jones        4.77
Kendall Langford    4.97
Chris Long        4.71
Bryan Mattison        5.07
Phillip Merling       
Adamm Oliver       
Chase Ortiz        4.87
Darrell Robertson       
Jeremy Thompson        4.73
Quentin Groves        4.57

Groves was very, very fast.  Vernon Gholston had a great day with a good 40 and then 37 bench press reps, showing that he's fast AND strong prospect.

Calais Campbell disappointed just about everyone with his 5.03. Two scouts told me that they worry that he's not taking this process seriously and that while he's talented, it's a matter of "if you can get it out of him."

Here are the official "Top Performers" for the linemen

40 Yard Dash
Name    Time     
Groves, Quentin:    4.57
Crable, Shawn:          4.64
Gholston, Vernon:    4.67
Johnson, Curtis:    4.69
Ellis, Chris:    4.71
Gatewood, Curtis:    4.74
Long, Chris:    4.75
Smith, Bryan:    4.75
Thompson, Jeremy:    4.75

Bench Press
Gholston, Vernon    37   
Rubin, Ahtyba    35
Laws, Trevor    35
Hayden, Nick    34
Ellis, Sedrick    34
Okam, Frank    32
Jackson, Lawrence    31
Harvey, Derrick    31
Moore, Dre    31

Vertical Jump
Gholston, Vernon    35.5
Howard, Marcus    34.5
Long, Chris    34.0
Avril, Cliff    32.5
Smith, Bryan    32.5
Holmes, Louis    32.5
Thompson, Jeremy    32.0
Biermann, Kroy    31.5
Jackson, Lawrence    31.0
Laws, Trevor    30.5
Craig, Angelo    30.5