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Jacksonville Jaguars Signings: Angulo, Bourman, Davis!

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Finally, after an eternity of focusing on rumors and speculation, we've got some actual Jaguars Player Signings to report.

Four players were signed today, though I reported Tutan Reyes had agreed to a contract a few days ago.   I rule.  Each tells us a little more about the state of the Jaguars as we get ever so close to the opening of Free Agency.  Yeah, that's right, only 4 days remain till the money madness starts.  Considerimg the amount of tampering that's going on at the Combine, I can assure you that things will happen pretty quickly.

The signings are:

  1. Tight End Richard Angulo: Great sign as the guy jumped right in when he was signed in late November after the Great Tight End Bloodletting.  Angulo only had 81 yards and a TE, but it was enough out of a fill in guy like him.  I'd assume he's insurance in case George Wrighster or Greg Estandia can't return.
  2. Quarterback Tood Bourman: Quinn Gray Will Not be a Jaguar.  I know this for a fact.  Todd Bourman will be retained to fill in as a backup, but expect the Jaguars to target Todd Collins, Josh McCown or Cleo Lemon to be our number 2 QB as we get into free agency.  I can say with some degree of confidence that it'll be McCown.  
  3. Tight End Charles Davis: Former 5th rounder, spent a little time on the practice squad, I don't think he makes the team unless something really, really, crazy happens at tight end.  What it does tell me is that we're probably not going to draft one.
  4. Offensive Lineman Tutan Reyes: I'm told that the team is very worried about the health of Chris Naeole.  So much in fact that a guy like Reyes ges retained.  It also explains the amount of time the Jaguars have spent with offensive linemen at the Senior Bowl/Combine.
Actual Jaguars News, hooray!