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Jacksonville Jaguars trade for Troy Williamson:

Update [2008-2-25 21:15:58 by River City Rage]: I forgot to let you know that The Daily Norseman also confirms that the Vikings have a trade in place, with more to come.

BREAKING:  The Jacksonville Jaguars, according to and reported by Pro Football Talk say that the Jacksonville Jaguars have come to an agreement in principal to trade a second day draft pick for Wide Receiver Troy Williamson.

Troy, as we all know, has a terrible reputation for dropped balls.  I talked with (sadly unnameable) source at the Combine who said the Jaguars were dangerously close to making a "big move" for a young WR.

I guess this is the move.  And I'm really not so sure how excited I am about it.  Clearly we'll have more to talk about as the story develops.

I'd also say that more moves are yet to come, as my inside source said we'd be big players at WR.  One move does not a big player make.