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Marcus Stroud on Trading Block

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Marcus Stroud: On the Trading Block?

From JagNation:

Because it's behind the dreaded firewall, I can't quote it.  But what I can report is that according to agent Drew Rosenhaus, the Jaguars are fielding trade requests for embattled defensive end Marcus Stroud.

Remember back in my Defensive Tackle Review when I speculated that if a tackle were to leave, it'd be Stroud.  Well, it looks like that prediction  is bearing fruit, cause Stroud is on the block.

What can we get for Stroud?  Part of the problem in trading Marcus will be his contract, he's owed five million dollars this season, and six next year, so a re-negotiation will be in order.  This puts some leverage in Stroud's court.  Unless there is a team with a boatload of Cap Space, like the Bucs and their 44 million.

Pro Football Talk confirms the report:

A league source has confirmed that Stroud has been given permission to shop himself in a trade. Under his contract, Stroud is due to receive salaries of $5 million, $5.5 million, and $6 million over the next three seasons.

Last year, Stroud was suspended for four games due to a violation of the league’s policy on anabolic steroids and related substances. He also missed several games due to injury.

If Stroud is traded, the Jags presumably will go with John Henderson and Grady Jackson at defensive tackle.

The Falcons could be interested in Stroud, since former Jags defensive coordinator Mike Smith is now the head coach there.

A reader tells us that the news regarding Stroud initially was reported by our friends at 1010XL in Jacksonville.

A team that could use a little extra help at defensive tackle is the Indianapolis Colts, but I just don't see an inter-divisional trade happening.

As for what Stroud brings in a trade?  If Troy Williamson, a first round "bust" is worth a 6th round pick, I'd say a first round pro-bowler in Stroud should be worth a first day pick, by far, and perhaps as high as an early 3rd round pick.  This is assuming that whatever team that goes after Marcus sees the upside, not the guy that's recovering from Microfracture Surgery.

What about trading Stroud to Cincinnati for Wide Receiver Chad Johnson?  Cincy needs defensive help, Chad wants to get out, and both are represented by Drew Rosenhaus.  I'm not saying I want Chad, just throwing the idea out there.

Who would you want for Marcus Stroud?