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NFL Free Agency: Poetry in Motion

[editor's note, by River City Rage]: This is pretty lame on my part, my apologies.

Twas the night before Free Agency, and all through the house

All the Agents were stirring, even Drew Rosenhaus;

The contracts were hung, written with care,

In the hopes that signing bonuses would soon be there;

The Players were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of new teams danced in their heads;

Randy Moss leaving Boston to become a Cowboy?,

Antwan Odom, better than Freeney, or just his agent's ploy?

When the clock strikes 12, there will be such a clatter,

Each time striking fast, one move makes a contender?

Away goes the logic, away goes the sense of the salary cap

Of signing an old guy, who'll become a piece of crap.

But with this process It''s bound to occur as a norm

The beginning of hope for the team that underpreform.

One signing you see is all that it takes, turt the team around

To bash rival fans that this year, you'll reach the hallowed ground.

Now Justin, now Berrian, Now Stokley , Williams and Samuel,

Now Gaffney, Coleman, Johnson, Gage and Wilford.

To the top of the list of free agents desired by teams nearly all,

Go to the teams that spend money like a teen at the mall.

When they meet the Salary Cap, what an obstacle,

Push the money forward, Daniel Snyder, what a fool.

Just remember as this happens, hope your team spends the money right,

Happy Free Agency to all, and to all a Good-Night!