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Corrections: Putting Credit where Credit is due

Friends and Readers,

I know you all are frantically looking for the latest Free Agency information.  I am too.  Something was brought to my attention by several readers that I poorly reported on some recent Jaguars News.

Specifically, I gave credit to the wrong sources, including some several days after a story "broke".  There are some in my field of "blogging" that would just write this off as part of the business, but that's not my style.  I made two big errors, and they need to be made right.

First off, I quoted a Florida Times-Union article by Michael Wright that implied that Marcus Stroud was working on a trade for Shaun Rogers.  Two Big Mistakes, I called Rogers a Defensive End, which is stupid, because he is a Defensive Tackle.  The second error is that I connect Marcus Stroud talking to the Lions about a trade with Shaun Rogers being TRADED for Marcus Stroud.  The article lists these two events as separate and does not connect them.  It's being spread all over the internet that Stroud may be traded for Rogers, and that's simply not what this article says.  It's two independent events.

Second, I misattributed a source on the Troy Williamson Trade.  I used Twin Cities as my primary source, which was incorrect.  I should have cited the Florida Times-Union, and Michael Wright with the original article.  It's no coincidence that I screwed the Times-Union and Michael Wright twice, I occasionally bury myself in links and forget where I started from.  Twice in two days I misrepresented hard working writers, and I did my readers a disservice.  It won't happen again.  From now on, I assure you, my goal will not be to write about something first, it will be to write about something accurately and honestly.  I'm a writer, nothing pains me more than finding my work out there being mis-used.  But that standard must be upheld on my end too.

With that said, it's time to re-focus on Free Agency.  Hopefully I have good news to report shortly!