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Breaking:: Gregg Williams Hired by Jaguars!

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Update [2008-2-5 13:55:36 by River City Rage]:: Still no confirmation, but my gut says this is legit. For more infomation on Gregg Willams, please refer to This Post

Ok, I'm getting this through a second, or perhaps even third hand source.

The JagNation message board is reporting that Jacksonville Sports Radio Station 1010XL's Ron Compton says that the Jaguars have hired Gregg Williams to be our new Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator.

Clearly, Gregg wanted the AHC Title, lest he feel unimportant.

But, it's a good sign, given that we've not heard a word about any of this in a few days, and it's time that the Jaguars settle this and move into their off-season planning.

More as soon as I hear something confirmed.