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Jacksonville Jaguars defeat Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XLIII

Or at least that's what Gary Myers of the NY Daily News thinks:

It will be the Jaguars and the Cowboys in the Super Bowl in Tampa. The biggest negative is we won't get to watch T.O. cry again about Tony Romo after losing an early-round game. That was one of the highlights of the season. T.O. should win best supporting actor in a comedy because the free-flowing tears were simply hysterical. And after a Super Bowl with so much Gisele talk, it will be Jessica Simpson's turn next year, providing of course she and Romo are still together.

Jacksonville supposedly was the team nobody wanted to play in the playoffs, but then the Patriots eliminated them in the divisional round. David Garrard will benefit from the experience he had in his first year as the full-time starter. Here's the key for the Jags: They must beat the Colts in the AFC South so they can get some home games in the playoffs.

Super Bowl XLIII prediction: Jaguars 28, Cowboys 21

I'm OK with that prediction.  And it should be noted that Mr. Myers is the first Sports Pundit of the 2008 Season to plant himself on the Jaguars Train.

So here's to you sir, welcome to the party.