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Big Cat Country Media Madness: Football Radio/Podcast TONIGHT

Your humble narrator here at Big Cat Country has an interesting event tonight.  I will be co-hosting the SB Nation Football Frenzy Radio Show/Podcast, LIVE, tonight at 9:00 Eastern Time, 8:00 Central.  

I know all of my politically charged readers will be glued to MSNBC for the Primary Results, but for one hour, enjoy some good stuff.

You'll get another hard-hitting, action-packed 60 minutes of football thought and commentary to give you the football fix you are looking for!

Together we'll look back at Super XLII -

--Was it the Giant choke job by the Patriots everyone says it was?

--Where does it fall into place with the greatest Super Bowls of all time?

--Why do we have to be so quick to judge the greatest this and the best overall that?

And with a little luck I'll throw in some exciting PRO BOWL TALK!

Join us Live for the show and the interactive chat at - 9PM est/6PM pst

Be there or Be Square!