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Gregg Williams, Officially, Finally, and Completely signed by Jaguars

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We've waited, debated, pondered, and examined for the last two weeks, but it's official, Greg Williams is the OFFICIAL Assistant Head Coach/Defense/Defensive Coordinator.

All I can say is finally.

Here's what Jack Del Rio and Gregg Williams had to say, in case you're interested.

Head Coach Jack Del Rio:

"Gregg Williams is an outstanding football coach, has a wealth of NFL coaching experience and is committed to helping us pursue a world championship," Del Rio said. "I am pleased to add another strong teacher to our coaching staff. We've established a high standard of defensive play over the past five years here and I expect that to continue under Gregg."

Assistant Head Coach/Defense Gregg Williams:

"I'm excited to be joining the Jaguars and Jack Del Rio's staff and I'm looking forward to getting started in Jacksonville. I was there for the organization's first game in 1995 as well as a lot of other memorable moments, and have had great respect over the years for the ownership and the players and coaches and their success. This is a very, very good team and a tremendous opportunity."

"The last four years, being a part of the Redskins organization was a great experience," Williams added. "I appreciate the process that Mr. Snyder and Vinny Cerrato allowed me to participate in. It was the most thorough process I've been involved in in the NFL. I thank the Redskins fans and the organization for allowing me to be a part of their family. It was a dream come true to work for a Hall of Fame coach like Joe Gibbs. I will be able to utilize a lot of great learning experiences, and Joe Gibbs is not only a Hall of Fame coach but even a better person. I appreciate all the opportunities that Dan Snyder and the Redskins family allowed me to be a part of and I take with me many fond memories from my time in Washington."

Shameless Stats:

From 2004-07, the Redskins ranked sixth in the NFL in defense (306.6 yards allowed per game), which was second in the NFC, and seventh in the league in rushing defense (103.8). In five of the last eight years, Williams' defenses have ranked in the top 10 in the league, including three top three finishes in the past five years with three different teams.

With Williams finally in the bag, we can begin to look at what changes to expect on defense.  Which shall begin shortly, here at Big Cat Country!