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Monday Evening Jags Update

Brian Galliford, head blogger at Buffalo Rumblings here, filling in for RCR while he's cruising.  Jealous?  Me too... me too.  Some Jags notes for y'all to ponder until something "newsworthy" happens...

  Former Jaguars QB Quinn Gray is visiting with the Green Bay Packers, who just lost Brett Favre to retirement.  Gray would be a good fit as Aaron Rodgers' backup in Green Bay, and has enough potential to fill in adequately in spot duty for a team that is still expected to be a playoff contender.

  Here's some more Jason Taylor speculation by Armando Salguero of The Miami Herald.  (On a Bills-related side note, I hope a Taylor-to-Jacksonville trade goes through.  He's terrorized my Bills for long enough, and I respect the man enough to want to see him make a run at a championship.  He can do just that in Jacksonville.)

  File this one under the "... seriously?" category:

A police report says a man charged with DUI works for the Jacksonville Jaguars. But the Jaguars say they've never heard of him.

According to a police report, 30-year-old Jason McKinley was out cold at the wheel of his '96 Aerostar in the parking lot of the AP Express on Park Street.

Police say his door was open, and his left leg was dangling outside. The other foot was resting on the accelerator, causing the engine to race. A witness told police he'd been sitting there for an hour and a half.

The report goes on to say that the subject was "dazed" and made several "unintelligible utterances," that his zipper was down and his eyes were bloodshot. Police say they also found an open can of Natural Light Ice in the van.

The report lists his employer as the Jacksonville Jaguars. A spokesmen for them says he's neither a player nor a staff member.

I'm not sure what was in this guy's brew, but it's harming his brain cells.  No one's even sure what college he went to.  Let's just be glad he's not actually a member of this roster.