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Happy St. Patricks Day!

Yes, it's that magical day when all who walk the earth celebrate their Irish heritage, even if there's none to be found.  St. Patrick's day holds a special place in my heart as I've had many a glorious one.  I know everyone is dying for some Jaguars content, and trust me, it's coming.  But for now, let's celebrate the day when everyone is Irish, and nobody should be sober.

First, we need a drink:

Long time readers will know exactly what that is.

Then, we need a song:

Finally, a Toast:

St. Patrick's Day Toast
Here's to a long life and a merry one.
A quick death and an easy one
A pretty girl and an honest one
A cold beer - and another one!

So there you go, raise a pint on this happy day!  I'll be back shortly with actual Jaguars content!