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Jacksonville Jaguars Free Agent Update: Sunday Edition

Update [2008-3-2 11:39:23 by River City Rage]:: Offensive Tackle Kwame Harris is visiting the team today. To say this guy has struggled in San Francisco is a massive understatement. He's another former first round pick (2003, pick 26) that will be a reclamation project. The Jaguars usually sign people that visit, so I guess expect something to happen.

Day three of Free Agency just began and I can say without much doubt that the Jaguars have to be close to finished with their "big" signings.

What have we accomplished?:

  1. Wide Receiver has a leader in Jerry Porter, and a depth in competition has been found in Troy Williamson.  The Jaguars have not been this stacked at Wide Receiver since Keenan McCardell and Jimmy Smith roamed the sidelines. Oh, if you're one of the folks who think we paid too much, the 10 million we spent on Porter is entirely reasonable when compared to the 16 million for a Bernard Berrian.
  2. Cleo Lemon becomes the number 2 quarterback.  Quinn Gray is bound to be signed in the next few days, considering that he's one of the best signal callers still on the market.  He's not going to be a Jaguar because of his price, and Lemon is a fine backup to David Garrard.
  3. Drayton Florence gives us defensive ammunition against the Indianapolis Colts.  Drayton is an "anti-Indianapolis weapon if there ever was one.  He's a starting caliper corner on a team that needs three just to stay competitive against a quarterback heavy conference.  Drayton was the best cornerback on the market after Samuel went to the Eagles.  He signed a 6 year deal with 13 million in guaranteed money.
  4. Marcus Stroud was traded to the Buffalo Bills for a 3rd and 5th round pick.  The Jaguars now have three 5th round picks, which clearly indicates that we're planning on moving up to grab the guy we want in the draft.  Will it be moving up in the first for a top end DE?  Either way, we cut 5 million in salary (and the highest paid player on the team n 2008) that money gives us room for another top end signing and plenty of space to extend David Garrard.
What's Next?:

Safety and Defensive End are our current biggest needs. As far as safties go, former New England Patriot Eugene Wilson is talking to the Jaguars.  Sammy Knight is in discussions with the New York Giants and will visit with them tomorrow.

The top remaining defensive ends are both former Tennessee Titans in Antwan Odom and Travis LaBoy. Travis was supposed to visit with the Saints and Browns on Sunday, but the New Orleans visit was suddenly canceled But he's not been directly connected to the Jaguars.  I can tell you this: Jack Del Rio "loves him".  For what that's worth.  Antwan Odom is visiting the Bengals on Sunday, but will be far more expensive than LaBoy.  If we pass on Odom and LaBoy, it stands to reason that we attempt to retain Bobby McCray, who's visited with the Saints already.  Bobby is probably the next best DE in free agency after Odom and Laboy.  

Of course, for the right draft picks, we could trade for Miami Defensive Tackle Jason Taylor, but I really don't advocate going that way.

Final Thoughts:

What a fantastic few days.  I love every move the team as made, and we're clearly being aggressive toward taking our spot as a front-runner for the Super Bowl.  We have a few weaknesses to address, but I don't think we'll be doing so during the "big money" part of Free Agency.  Unless we go after Odom or LaBoy, I'd say we're probably done for a few days/weeks, as the market comes to its senses and the crazy money goes away.

That's all I have for now, I'm still keeping my ear to the ground for news, and Big Cat Country will be your best source for all the news and information that you need!