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Quick Bytes: Goodbye Quinn Gray Edition!

Quick Bytes: The daily digest of everything you need to know about the Jacksonville Jaguars.

First off, huge thanks to my Brother for putting together the "logo" for "Quick Bytes".  I enjoyed putting together the "Free Agency Update" posts, and I'm turning that into what should become a daily (posted late at night) series that gives you a one-stop resource for all the Jaguars news and quick commentary.  Sitting around and refreshing your screen all day waiting for feature pieces is frustrating, Quick Bytes will give you a quick fix.  

Without further adu...

: Quinn Gray says he's about to become a Texan.  For veteran minimum, according to Pro Football Talk.  I'm stunned, no shocked that the Jaguars situation at quarterback is so locked down that Quinn Gray feels that going to Houston and still having the same distant shot at starting as he would have in Jacksonville.  Even if the Texans trade Sage Rosenfels, he's a number two getting lousy money.  

Abject Speculation Alert!
I think both Quinn Gray and the Jaguars overestimated the free agent market for Gray.  Jacksonville felt that Gray would be too expensive and quickly signed Cleo Lemon, unfortunately for the team and Quinn that interest really wasn't there and the team missed out on re-signing our proven backup that knows the system and Quinn is signing a $635K one year deal with next to no assurance that he'll get any improvement in playing time.  I'd chalk this up as an "oopps" on the part of our Front Office and of Quinn Gray.

: NFL Draft Scout thinks the Jaguars might trade their extra picks to go after University of Florida Defensive End Derrick Harvey:

There seems to be a growing belief with the Jaguars that they may try to package some extra draft picks (a third and a fifth) that they received in the Marcus Stroud trade to Buffalo, and with a player or two thrown in, trade the allotment to a team that is in the upper half of the draft. That would include any number of teams 10 picks or more ahead of the Jaguars who are currently scheduled to pick No. 26 at the current time. Jacksonville sent assistant coaches and Director of Player Personnel James "Shack" Harris to Gainesville this week to watch defensive end Derrick Harvey work out at the Gators' Pro Day. The staff liked what they saw in Harvey, though they didn't want to tip their hand and come out with too much public praise.

It's interesting, though I don't know how happy I'd be with that move.  It seems like a lot to sacrifice for a guy who probably needs to bulk up a bit to become a full time defensive end.  He's got the frame for it, sure, but he'll need a little more time.  Then again, if we're picking a DE in the second half of the first round, it's to be expected that they're not as "off the shelf" ready as a top ten pick.  My feelings are mixed, which means that Harvey will be the next subject on our "draft prospect preview", later this week.

: Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union says that David Garrard's contract will be "Romo-Like".  I'll be completely honest, I don't really care what we pay Garrard.  If it's 60 million and 6 years, so be it.  I bet by the time David's new contract expires it's considered small by NFL standards in a few seasons.  Get the deal done, that's all that matters.

: ESPN put the Jaguars On the Clock and it's as vapid as you can expect from the Worldwide Leader.  Their writer, in this case Ken Moll, has to come up with content about all 32 teams, so he's got to skim a bit.  That said, calling the signing DT Jimmy Kennedy as a "big move" early in the article shows that it's pretty useless as far as content goes.  Now, I won't hate on the guy too hard, I know that it's difficult to follow one team, nevertheless monitor and examine every move on every team, but little things like this grind my gears.  If he made the same mistake about Dallas or New England he'd be called out and mocked, a mild slap on the wrist from Big Cat Country is the best we can do, sadly.

: Shantee Orr is now a Cleveland Brown.  Good for him, Cleveland is smelling blood in the water in the AFC North and wants to make a move to win now, Shantee could be in the right place at the right time. Not for a Super Bowl, of course, the Browns will lose before they play the Jaguars or be eliminated by the Jaguars.  

:  Greyson Gunheim, a DE/OLB from the University of Washington is visiting the Jaguars.  I'm told that he's more than likely a post-draft free agent, and that he's probably a developmental pick at best.  Still, good to see the Jaguars doing really deep research.  He's a DPR sort of DE, which I really don't like, but considering he's probably going to be an undrafted free agent, what's the harm in taking a look.

: The Jaguars were players in the DeAngelo Hall Sweepstakes.  The team has a borderline obsession with cornerbacks right now, especially considering that Pac Man Jones might also be targeted.  I wish I could appreciate  Pac Man's physical gifts without having to accept the problems he brings to a team.  I also know little about Jacksonville's strip clubs, that's probably the deciding factor.  Besides, why would the Titans even dream of trading him to an AFC South team, ESPECIALLY the Jaguars.  I don't care if ESPN reports it, I call bullshit.

Final Thoughts:

It's still the slow part of the season.  The coaching staffs and scouts are running around visiting pro-days and working on their draft boards, Free Agency has ground to a halt, and any Big Trades would happen closer to the draft.  

So it's slow, and that's no fun.  I don't get into baseball, and March Maddness has already blown me out of the water.  I do root for the UCLA Bruins, if that's worth anything.

What do you follow to pass the time until Training Camp?