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Quick Bytes: Jerry Porter is the king of Smiles Edition!

Quick Bytes: The daily digest of everything you need to know about the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Happy Tuesday!

Before we get into the news and linky goodness, I've got a little housekeeping.  For many months I've been sitting on a little secret.  This secret involved the future of Big Cat Country, the site I'm sure you've grown to love and cherish.  It's going to get a lot better here in the next few weeks as (hopefully) we transition into Big Cat Country version 2.0!! SB Nation developed an entire new interface, and unlike a lot of site "upgrades", this one is actually better than what it replaces.  Our Baseball Blogs have been the first to change, you can visit Athletics Nation for a sneak peek.

I'm pretty excited about it, to say the least.

:  The 2008 Jaguars began their Offseason Conditioning Program today.  Confirmed in attendance were Wide Receivers Jerry Porter, Mike Walker and Troy Williamson, Quarterback Cleo Lemon, Cornerback Drayton Florence, and Safety Gerald Sensabaugh.  Basically anyone new or coming off of injury. also reports that Mike Walker is still recovering from his knee injury:

"I'm back now. I feel like I've got a lot of making up to do. I missed football and I'm ready to go," Walker said.

Actually, he won't be completely ready to go until training camp. That's the target for his recovery. Walker won't participate in spring practices but plans to be able to participate in two-a-day practices in training camp.

:  The same article also introduces Jerry Porter to the Jacksonville Media:

"Seeing the way (David Garrard) protected the ball and the way they ran the ball and knowing they had to throw it a little better," Porter answered when asked what attracted him to the Jaguars. "It's great to be wanted," he added.
Here's to Porter having the same Post-Raiders career resurgence that Randy Moss had.

:  The NFL is considering Banning long hair in the upcoming season.  This reminds me of the Jaguars game against the Steelers (?) when there was a question about whether Rashean Mathis was out of bounds because his hair crossed the line.  While I've got no problem with long hair and could care less about stuff like this, it's interesting to see how much wrangling the NFL does over something like this with all of the financial issues on the way over the next few years.  Also, the Collective Bargnining Agreement ties the leagues hands in regards to hair, so it's all moot.

: Mike Tice was in Orlando recently observing University of Central Florida Running Back Kevin Smith.  Smith could be a 3rd round option for the Jaguars as an eventual part of our running back system after Fred Taylor (eventually) retires.  As a long time Central Floridian, I'd love to see Smith in Jacksonville, he seems like a good person as well as a solid back.  Though, he stands a little too upright for my taste, he'd have to learn to get small to get through the defensive lines on Sundays.  Of course, Tice also has family down in Orlando, so that might have been the reason for his visit.  I hate how misleading the draft season is...

: I think the Jaguars should move up in the 2nd round and draft Safety Reggie Smith from Oklahoma.  The "Two Reggies" in our secondary would be tremendous.

Ok, it's a slow news day.  Tomorrow, I swear we'll continue our Draft Preview.  If there's a player out there that you might like to see in Teal and Black, feel free to write up a draft preview, I'd be happy to post it here!