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Jaguars Signings: They had nowhere else to go...

Finally, a big time Jaguars Free Agent Signing.  Ok, slight exaggeration, but even though these four players had nowhere else to go it pleases me that they'll be under contract and ready to hit the weights in offseason conditioning.

Who signed?

  • Tight End Greg Estandia, who I think is a legitimate "jar on the shelf"
  • Safety and Jacksonville native Jamaal Fudge, he who lets me make very immature jokes.
  • Defensive End Jeremy Mincey
  • Defensive End James Wyche
Backups and developmental players, mainly, but now that they're under contract they'll be ready to participate in offseason conditioning.

I also found out a few more players that are confirmed participants in OTC: Tony Pashos, Brad Meester, Khalif Barnes, Reggie Williams, Matt Jones and Dennis Northcutt.  I'm sure more guys are there, I'm only reporting the ones that are confirmed.