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Jason Taylor might be a Jaguar? Sounds Familar...

Huh, look at what Pro Football Talk found.

That sounds really, really familiar.  Almost like I've read that before.

Oh Wait...

We did hear about this before.  Right here on Big Cat Country, no less.

The Miami Herald Blog reports:

I have been told by one NFL scout and one NFL assistant coach that Jacksonville coach Jack Del Rio (pictured) likes the idea of trading for Taylor. I am not sure exactly how far Del Rio has gone with this -- be it considering it and discarding the idea or actually pursuing the issue.

But I do know the scenario of adding Taylor has been on the coach's mind. I will continue snooping around with some league sources and ask Del Rio about it directly at the NFL's annual meeting in Palm Beach next week. We'll soon find out if there is fire associated with this smoke.

So there you go, my informed speculation gets a little more interesting.