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Brett Favre Retires: The end of an era...

[editor's note, by River City Rage]: Acme Packing Company is a great source for more Green Bay News!

If you've turned on ESPN or strolled across the radio dial to sports talk today this simply won't be news.  Brett Favre has retired today.  In retrospect, the Green Bay Packers were smart in making a backup web page for the breaking news because it seems the entire NFL has stopped for the day to recognize the retirement of one of its greats.

As a Jacksonville fan and a general admirer of the sport, I too will tip my hat and raise my glass for one of the most interesting players to watch.  Though I don't have all the love in the world for the guy, I respect what he's accomplished on the field.

Let's be frank here, Brett Favre has played for longer than the Jaguars have existed.  When Brett Favre was drafted I was in the third grade. I trace my football consciousness to 1993, one year after Brett became a Packer.  I've never known an NFL without Brett Favre out there throwing the ball around, out there having fun.

I thought about listing my problems and criticisms of Brett Favre, but the more I think about it the more I realize that none of my issues were really   Brett's fault, it's just the way he is covered by the traditional sports media that makes me shudder.  I can't blame Brett Favre for the fact that Peter King ignores his tendency to throw interceptions.  Poor Peter King, he lost his hero.

When I think about how he's held a team hostage every year for the last four or five seasons and how that's no way to treat a franchise, I remember how on Monday Night Football Brett came out and threw 4 touchdowns, right after his dad passed away.

I've never been a fan of the Packers.  I've never really followed them and it was rare to have them cross the Jaguars path.  This season Green Bay's coming to Jacksonville, and I thought "last chance to see one of the greats".  Oh well.  We'll all have to get used to the idea of a football season without Brett Favre going out and having fun.

My favorite line about Favre was that he didn't throw interceptions, he threw "gunslings".  Hi-Larious.

Anyhow, here's to you Brett.  Enjoy Retirement.