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Jacksonville Jaguars Free Agency/Draft Update

I don't think anything I write here can possibly top the Jason Taylor story, but here goes.

Brett Favre Press Conference:

Just in case you're interested...

Click here to see Favre's press conference streamed live.

What do we know?

The Jaguars Will Not resign DT Grady Jackson.  This must mean that the Jaguars are happy with what they have at Defensive Tackle and feel that they don't need him as a backup big guy.  I liked the way he played in Jacksonville, and I loved how small his jersey numbers looked on him.  I'm going to take a leap of faith and assume that there's a reason why the team wouldn't keep him around.  If not, there's gonna be hell to pay.  

Jacksonville made three HUGE signings on Wednesday.  By huge, I mean huge camp fodder at best.  OT Pete McMahon, OT Ryan Gibbons and Long Snapper Brett Goode were all signed by the Jaguars.  All three have been with the team before, all three have been cut by the team before.  There's no reason to expect any of these guys to be on the final roster, though since the team put time in developing them, it'll be interesting to see how the Offensive Linemen play out.  Who knows, there could be a future starter in that mix.

Kwame Harris, who visited this week, is now an Oakland Raider.  Good for him, glad a guy with such a terrible reputation with the Niners got paid, and he doesn't even have to move!

Jacksonville sent scouts to Boise State's Pro Day.  The big star there is OT Ryan Clady, who's someone I really, really like as a potential draft pick.  I don't know where he'll fall in the draft, but any quality offensive linemen would be fine with me.  He'll have to learn to run-block better for the Jaguars though, that's gotta be the bread and butter.

It's not Jaguars news per se, but Javon Kearse is visiting the Tennessee Titans.  Considering how badly the Jaguars need a defensive end, it says a lot about Kerse's health if the Jags won't even give him a look.  Though, the Titans need linemen pretty bad after all their free agents signed elsewhere.

Better Know a Free Agent:

The best part about free agency is getting to know a new player.  No matter how happy a Fred Taylor q and a makes me feel, it's nice to talk about someone new.

Michael Wright of the Florida Times-Union has a nice interview with new Cornerback Drayton Florence:

Q: Has the team given you any indication as to what role they envision for you?

Basically, they just want me to come in and make plays, make plays on defense, whether it's at the corner position or the nickel position, depending on the team we're playing and depending on what the game plan involves. So I felt it was a good fit for me. Gregg Williams is a great defensive coordinator. Jack Del Rio, being a former player, he knows how to take care of his guys. [Defensive backs coach] Donnie Henderson is a great coach. [Jaguars vice president of player personnel] James Harris is obviously a guy I respect on that staff also. So, all the pieces were in place. Me getting in there and meeting with those guys helped me feel that much more comfortable.

I can't wait to see how the Jaguars use Drayton.  

Not to be outdone, Vic Ketchman also sat with Drayton:

What does Florence bring to the Jaguars defense?

"Aggressive, man-to-man coverage, allowing the rush to get there. All the blame shouldn't be put on the secondary. The coverage needs the rush just like the rush needs the coverage," Florence said.

"I wanted to go to a team that runs the ball. You have to be able to run the ball to win in this league. You have to be able to stop the run and you have to be able to run the ball," he added. "That was one of the keys in my decision."

Vic also interviewed Cleo Lemon.

Sammy Knight says "Thank You"

So Sammy Knight is now a New York Giant.  How does he feel about the Jagaurs? Not the great, actually.  He says:

"I did a great job for Jacksonville and we talked to them, but ultimately, this was a better place for me," Knight said. "I felt like I had a better chance to win here."

Yeah, I could get a little twisted about the "better chance to win bit",but I won't.  Though if you're into Fantasy Football, start any opposing Tight End that faces the Giants.  Teams targeted Sammy when he was with the Jaguars and he can't cover a tight end to save his life.  It's a good thing the NFC East is weak with tight ends.  Except for Chris Cooley.  And Jason Witten.  And LJ Smith.  Yeah, the Giants might have a problem there.  I wish you well Sammy, but there's a reason you led the team in tackles, that's cause they threw at him more than anyone else in our secondary.  I was OK with re-signing Sammy for depth purposes, but I won't shed a tear for him in NYC.  

Final Thoughts:

I'm very confident that this move is going to happen. It makes sense and it's being hinted at by the Jaguars mouthpiece. I completely support this trade and salivate at what Taylor would do for our defensive line. Instantly we can return to Best Available Player as far as the first round of the draft is concerned (probably an OG or OT), and that's critical. Jason Taylor as a Jaguar is the right player at the right place at the right time. The team just has to decide what the right price is to set this whole thing up.

I'll be back later with any news as soon as I hear it!