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Jacksonville Jaguars Re-Sign Guard Maurice Williams!

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The Jaguars have re-signed offensive lineman Maurice Williams, effectively addressing the void at right guard that would've occurred had Williams signed with another team in free agency.

Whew, that was close.  I though we were going to be a bit too thin on the Offensive Line after cutting Chris Naeole and possibly losing Mo Williams to free agency.  Instead we'll keep the multi-position guy and shore up our Right Guard spot while being able to fill in at tackle as well, just in case.

Now, if you combine the Jason Taylor speculation with this signing you get the Jaguars in a fantastic position to draft the best available player in the first round, almost no matter what.  If it's an offensive lineman, we need the depth.  If it's a defensive end, we can use that too. If it's a Defensive Tackle, the more big guys the merrier.  As long as it's not a Wide Receiver, we're set.

Retaining Maurice Williams continues the "Best Off-Season EVER" trend, let's just hhope we've got one more move coming.