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Jacksonville Jaguars Free Agent Update: Friday Edition

We're one full week into Free Agency, can you believe it?  This has been, without a doubt, the most exciting "non-game week" I've had since Big Cat Country came to exist.  Big thanks to all the commenter's, as well as NASF and Cuffs for all the contributions.  

What do we know:

As of today, very little.  I've heard from yet another trusted resource that the team is still in pursuit of Jason Taylor .  I'll have more on my Jason Taylor thoughts further down the post.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that the Jaguars have interest in Safety Eugene Wilson, but there's no visit on the horizon  as far as I know.

Jaguars Quaterback Coach Mike Shula took Delaware Quarterback Joe Flacco out to dinner at his Pro-Day.  Flacco's stock is rising big time after his combine, though he's got some "small school" questions.  I'm not sure what to read into this one, so I'll just throw this one out there.

New Jaguars Cornerback Drayton Florence got reamed by KC Joyner.  Joyner's stats based analysis is something I respect, but I seriously hope he's completely and utterly wrong on this one.

The Jaguars released Wide Receiver Charles Sharon.  Charles, despite often looking great in training camp could never get over the hump and make the team. I'd like to think the Jaguars released Charles so he could find another job, but part of me thinks he'll be camp fodder for us in a few months.

On Jason Taylor:

I wanted to take a second and address a couple of points about the possible acquisition of Jason Taylor.

  1. While the similarities are there, Jason Taylor is not Hugh Douglas, no matter how their numbers may look.  We were burnt in the past, but that's no way to evaluate talent.  In fact, is it reasonable to think that the Jaguars would learn from that experience and be extra sure before making a move?  I think so.
  2. Trading one or two draft picks when you have a multitude of draft picks is sound practice, not giving away the future.  The odds of three fifth round draft picks making the team, no matter how "deep" the draft may be, is not good.  Let's just say, hypothetically, that the Jaguars trade their second round pick for Taylor. They could package both their thirds in order to move up lower in the second round than their current 2nd round pick at 58.  Were the Jaguars to try and move up in the 2nd, it'd cost them at least their second and one third, so I consider this a "push" move.  My point here is to illustrate that the Jaguars can in fact have their cake and eat it too.  Unless you really expect all those second day picks to become starters.  It's already obvious that we're going to cut some talent in August, we might as well get something for it.
  3. Trading a second round pick is NOT the same thing as trading Maurice Jones-Drew, Daryl Smith, Rashean Mathis or Justin Durrant for Jason Taylor.  Not only is it faulty reasoning, but it's a very after the fact way to judge things.
  4. Teams have to manage the risk and reward.  I've already demonstrated that the risk is really quite low. Were Jason Taylor to be a complete and total flop with the Jaguars, we'd be in what I consider a no worse position.  The flip side is the possiblity that we get an instant starter that provides a constant edge rush while also helping to groom our younger guys.  It's really easy to get hung up on the negatives, but there's some serious upside here.  
  5. While the move did not happen yesterday, and I don't think it happens today, I'm still very confident that the team makes the move.
Final Thoughts:

Not much.  I'm slammed busy today, so if posting is light, I apologize!