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Better Know a Jaguars Draft Prospect: Texas A&M Defensive Tackle Red Bryant

The least you should know about Red Bryant...




318 lbs

40 Yard Dash


20 Yard Dash


Bench Reps


3 Cone


Compares To:

Casey Hampton - Pittsburgh: " Bryant is bigger, faster and stronger than Hampton, but both play with great anticipation and short-area explosion to dominate vs. the run. Bryant is very good at neutralizing double teams and has few peers when it comers to shutting down the inside running game. He is a tireless worker in the trenches who has not been used much as a pass rusher, but with his speed, lateral agility and strength, he could develop nicely there if a patient coaching staff teaches him proper technique. Whether in a 3-4 as a nose guard or in a 4-3 alignment as a defensive tackle, few blockers at the professional level will have success containing him.."

Fun Fact Interview

Growing up, who was your favorite NFL player and why? Reggie White. I wanted to be just like him (what he stood for).

In college, what player hit you the hardest? Who was the recipient of your best hit? N/A; Cedric Benson and Adrian Peterson

What TV-show marathon will keep you on the couch all day? Martin

What are the five most-played songs in your iPod? What's the one song you hope nobody ever finds out is in your iPod? Anthony Henderson. Everyone thinks we both make people laugh.

What celebrity would play you in the movie version of your life and why? Will Smith. He has similar physical features and a dynamic personality.

What is one thing your teammates don't know about you? That I like to play card games.

What reality TV show would you like to be on and why? The Contender because I would win.

What's your proudest moment in football? Proudest moment off the field? Beating Texas at home my senior year; Getting engaged

When you play Madden, what team do you use? Do you put yourself on the team? Cowboys; No.

Who has been the biggest influence on your football career and how? Terrence Murphy. He taught me how to work hard (when no one's looking) and watch film.

Better Know a Draft Prospect: Texas A&M Defensive Tackle Red Bryant


I'm still a bit stunned that defensive tackle, a position that came to define the Jaguars, is now considered a position of some need.  Sending Marcus Stroud to Buffalo, while smart, opens us up to a need for a big guy right in the middle.  Sure, Derek Landri stepped up in his rookie year, and we've got Tony McDaniel who many regard as a potential stud, but Jimmy Kennedy is not the answer as far as depth goes.  What the Jaguars need is a young draft pick with potential and talent, someone with all the physical gifts to play defensive tackle but that might need some mentoring and coaching to fully blossom into a starter.  There's just that tackle out there, someone who could be selected between late in the 2nd round to late in the 4th.  

Red Bryant, from Texas A&M is that guy.  Born in Jasper Texas, basically in the middle of nowhere near the Louisiana border, the sort of town where everything shuts down on Friday nights and the world revolves around football.  Bryant was a Defensive MVP in high school and received first-team All-State honors, Southeast Texas Defensive Player of the Year and just about every other defensive honor Texas can give.  

To boil Red Bryant down into two words, it's Run Stuffer.  According to NFL Draft Scout, Bryant made 83 stops against the run for a total of 46 yards.  That's a hair over half a yard per run attempt.  Consider this, in 2006 the Aggies allowed 75 yards per game on the ground when Bryant was on the field.  When he was out from a minor knee injury, they had 229 yards hung on them through the running game.   He's a brick wall against the running game with a motor that collapses the pocket.  Put him next to John Henderson and we'll see amazing things happen.

Video killed the Scouting Report:

Red Bryant, by the Numbers

Red Bryant is 6'4, and 318 lbs, built into a "well-proportioned, thick and muscular frame" with room to grow.  His combine 40-yard dash time of 5.00 was improved slightly into a 4.9 at his pro day.  5.15 is considered adequate for a defensive tackle, so he's got some burst to him.  His 20-yard and 10-yard times of 2.88 and 1.66 are good enough for the position, particularly his 10 yard, which is pretty relevant for a defensive tackle.  He only lifted 20 times at the combine, 27 is considered good for a defensive tackle, but I'll let that slide.  Sometimes players with really long arms have a hard time benching.  To put it in perspective, Bryant was in the "4x4" club at A&M, lifting 400 lbs in four different lifts, including a school record 407 lbs in the hang clean lift.  He's strong enough, despite what the combine said. He completed a 28 inch vertical jump and 9'03" broad jump, showing that he's got the leg strength and explosiveness to burst under offensive linemen and win the battle for leverage.  Finally, his 7.75 shuttle is right in line with what you want out of a defensive tackle.

At Texas A&M, Bryant had an outstanding career as a 4 year starter at nose tackle, even being voted a team captain in his first year.  He missed six games over his four years, leading some to wonder about injury concerns.  He averaged 31 tackles per season, with a high of 41 in 2007.  Bryant also blocked two extra points as well as a field goal and registered a safety in his career.   He also has 6.5 sacks and 21 quarterback pressures and 9 passes deflected.  In 2007 there were 42 running plays aimed at Bryant, he allowed a total of 43 yards.

Notable Quotables:

On blocking an extra point to allow the Aggies to beat Oklahoma State:

``I just stuck my arm up and he kicked it low,'

``It's a great feeling that I was able to make a play to help the team win.''

On his greatest achievement:

"Graduating from Texas A&M is my greatest achievement,"

"Take advantage of your education. Education will take you farther than athletics. I was the first college graduate in my immediate family, and getting my education is what is most fulfilling for me."

Scouting Reports:


  • Scott Wright's NFL Draft Countdown: Has outstanding size and a huge frame with long arms...Very strong...Stout at the point of attack...He can occupy multiple blockers...Gets a good push up the middle and is able to collapse the pocket...A surprisingly good athlete...Does an excellent job of getting his hands up...Team leader and captain..Has a bunch of experience.
  • NFL Draft Scout: Has a well-proportioned, thick and muscular frame that has room for further growth development without having the additional weight impact his impressive quickness...Has long arms, adequate hand size, thick thighs and calves, showing solid muscle tone throughout, especially in his broad shoulders...With his wide hips and thick lower body, it is very tough for blockers to gain movement off the snap vs. him...Shows keen awareness to the play developing...More of a run-containment type, but has the savvy and agility to slip blocks and wreak havoc in the backfield...Quick to find the football in pursuit and is not the type that will bite on play action or misdirection...Was called the team's "most important player" by the coaching staff, as they use his hard work as an example for the younger players to follow...Clocked at 4.95 in the 40-yard dash, he carries his equipment well and, by keeping his pads down and hands within his frame, he generates good movement off the snap...Can surprise a lethargic blocker and slip past double teams with his burst, showing the strength needed to get a good push off his man...Excels at neutralizing multiple blockers and has that hip shake you want when trying to execute counter moves (this allows a teammate to be free to make the play)....Quick to fill the rush lane and shows good creativity and spin moves shooting the gaps...Very combative with his hands and has the strength to shock and control an opponent when he locks on...Shows good power in attempts to disengage and is quite nimble when attacking the backfield...Type that demands constant double-team attention from his opponent, as he is very hard to move off the line...
  • War Room Report: Naturally strong and a beast against the rush...ideal NFL frame with the ability to add more bulk....occupies multiple blockers leader...perfect fit as a nose tackle in a 3-4 scheme...uses his hands well for a big man...going to be tough to handle inside...Red Bryant has been called the best interior run defender in Texas since Casey Hampton, which is high praise. ..
  • NFL Draft University: He knows the game and sees the play, reacting well to it, Has the right attitude and does know the game, I see many teams has having him on their board.  How high? I do not know.


  • Scott Wright's NFL Draft Countdown: Is not much of a pass rusher...Lacks elite speed and quickness...Wears down too easily...Inconsistent and disappears from the action too often....Has some trouble shedding blockers...Needs to use his hands better...Range is limited..Repertoire of moves is almost nonexistent..Motor runs hot and cold..May have durability issues.
  • NFL Draft Scout: Diagnosed with dyslexia, but has overcome the issue and does well both academically and in retaining plays...Will short-arm at times, but stays after the blocker when doing so, using his body lean to get a push...Has good pursuit ability in the short area, but despite his timed speed, he will labor at times when running long distances...In long pursuit, he will get a bit high in his stance and narrow his base. When this happens, he fails to keep his feet free and while he can get over trash, he will get a little out of control...There is no leakage when working inside, but he will get a little out of control and miss tackles when operating in space...Has the speed to close, but must develop more pass-rush moves to become a threat...Uses mostly swim and rip moves, but with his hand strength, he should be more efficient when trying to club...Shows good agility squeezing the pocket, but when he gets narrow in his base coming off the edge, blockers can have some success forcing him out.
  • War Room Report:  Suffered a torn ACL while at Texas A&M...not a natural pass rusher...only an average athlete...not a real quick burst off the line...may only fit in 3-4 scheme...not the type of player who is going to put up huge wish he played a little meaner...
  • NFL Draft University: Has a tendency to go a bit outside of his lane and when he does that, is more likely to miss tackles he would normally get.

Injury Watch:

Bryant tore his right ACL during the 2006 season against Oklahoma State.  He missed a game, then came back to play against Oklahoma, then had surgery to repair the torn ligament.  He's nearly a year and a half removed from the surgery and it should only be a mild concern on Sundays.

Why should he be on the Jacksonville Jaguars?

He's a run stuffing brick wall that can occupy space like Grady Jackson and virtually eliminate the ground game.  Making teams one-diminsonal is a fantastic way to win games, and if Red Bryant can earn the double teams he received in college, he'll open up things for our other linemen.  Even though Bryant won't bring us many sacks, he's the type of player that will make our other linemen look that much better.  He's smart, well motivated, and has the physical gifts required to be a stud defensive tackle in the NFL.  While he'd be a perfect value in the third round, if guys like Trevor Laws are off the board in the second, I'd give him serious consideration in the late 2nd round.  Remember, we pick earl y in the 3rd, so that 71st pick could be the perfect spot for a huge asset to our defensive line.  

Better Know a Draft Prospect: The Series: