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Quick Bytes: Monday Morning (sort of) Edition

Quick Bytes: The daily digest of everything you need to know about the Jacksonville Jaguars.

I know, it's been a week since I ran this.  I had a trip to Florida to attend to, as well as some other odds and ends.  Don't worry though, with less than 14 days till the Draft, we're in this full time from here till Mr. Irrelevant.

:  Jaguars This Week and Vic Ketchman ran an interesting idea.  What if the Best Available Player is a cornerback?  The draft is pretty deep in first and early second round cornerbacks and the Jaguars could be sitting there with a corner at the top of their board.  I've got Mike Jenkins, Dominique Rogers-Cromerte, Antoine Cason, Leodis McKelvin, Justin King, and Aqib Talib as all first round guys, there's a good shot one of them is there at 26.  More to come on this...

:  Nothing makes me sadder than when a writer that I greatly respect says something terribly foolish.  In this case it's Rich Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News.  In his "mock draft", he has the Jaguars selecting Quarterback Brian Brohm in the first round because we need "Quaterbacking depth to compete in [the] AFC South".   His mock draft does sort of create a "worst case" situation for the Jaguars, though according to his mock I'd assume that the Jaguars would take Calais Campbell, rather than a quarterback.  Unless we're doing something like this

: The State of Florida "owes" two million dollars to Jacksonville Municipal Stadium.  With the state budget growing impossibly tight this funding is looking like it will be cut.  This stems from the inability of the Jaguars and the City of Jacksonville to make any progress on a stadium naming rights package.  For the record, Alltel spent about 800,000 a year for the rights.  The Team/City now want to split five million per year.  Huge inflation, right?  The New York Giants get 20 million a season for theirs.  Hopefully the new schedule (next week?) will have some big time home games that attract a little attention.  Susie Wiles of the Mayors Office says:

(On there being no sponsors in sight): "That certainly does not help, but again in a down economy it becomes exponentially more difficult. So we are dealing with a state that is short of money that is causing us to be even more short of money and a downturn in the economy, which means naming-right sponsors, anybody would tell you, will be harder to come by,"

:  Go buy season tickets, if you can.  There is no better way to keep the Jaguars afloat in Jacksonville than by filling the stands with season ticket holders.  

:  The Jaguars, by the way, almost broke even in 2007:

Prescott said the team came close to breaking even in 2006, but "at the end of the year, had a slight loss.'' He expects similar results for the 2007 season once the books are closed. The Jaguars were 28th in league revenue last year.

:  North Carolina Defensive End Hilee Taylor will be in Jacksonville this week for a visit.  He's a late round sort of guy, New Era Scouting has him as a 4th-5th round guy.

There you go, something to chew on this morning to get you through "the Mondays".