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Quick Bytes: Super Tuesday Schedule Edition!

Quick Bytes: The daily digest of everything you need to know about the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Tuesday: Schedule Release Day!  The new schedule hits the internet at about 2:00 eastern time.  I'll make sure I get a copy up as soon as I track it down.  I figure since it's gonna be all people talk about today, it'd be better for me to do a bit more than just throw up the dates.  Perhaps today, April 15th, I'll make my First 2008 Season Prediction!!!.  I really hope that I see the schedule and see that our Jaguars are featured prominently.  I also hope Tony Kornheiser is forced to come back to Jacksonville for another Monday Night game.  Then again, he'll just talk about Tom Brady the whole time anyhow, so who cares.  The real hot spot is Sunday night.  That's the ticket.

Before we get into the latest Jaguars stories, I want to bring your attention to something important.

Florida Representative Don Davis passed away last week.  Unless you've voted for him, you might not even know his name.  Don Davis nearly single-handedly held together the Jacksonville City Council, Wayne Weaver, and Mayor Ed Austin when negotiations had fallen apart.  Without Don Davis, we might not have the Jacksonville Jaguars.  When someone passes, the last thing we want to think about is sports, but this season, when you're watching the Jaguars win, take a second to remember one of the determined forces that help bring professional football to Jacksonville.

Here's to you Don!

: JagNation writer and friend of Big Cat Country Charlie Bernstein thinks the Jaguars are in No-Mans-Land based on our draft position.  Im inclined to agree, whether we move up or down, move we probably must.

: draft analyst Tony Pauline thinks that Defensive Ends Quentin Groves and Phillip Merling will be available when the Jaguars pick.  A little optimistic.  Much depends on where Derrick Harvey goes, should he fall to the Vikings at 17, then we can assume we'll have our choice of Campbell, Merling, or Groves at 26.  Of the three, I'd go with Phillip Merling.

: Adam Schein says the Jaguars have interest in Virginia Tech Linebacker Xavier Adibi (see bottom).  Not surprising, he's a good prospect.  I don't see the Jaguars taking him in the second round where he'll probably go though.

: KC Joyner's ESPN Insider article in a nutshell: Don't expect much out of Jerry Porter.  I hope he's wrong, otherwise we just spent a whole lot of money barking up the wrong tree.

Ok, not much too look at today.

Take a minute and check out the scouting reports I've made so far.  I'm awfully proud of em.

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I'll be back in a few hours with our next Prospect Preview!