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Quick Bytes: Somewhere between Wednesday and Thursday edition

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Quick Bytes: The daily digest of everything you need to know about the Jacksonville Jaguars.

: The Florida Times-Union breaks down some draft needs.  Vito Stellino does some good work and finds a few important nuggets.  

Jack Del Rio is only ruling out two positions - quarterback and wide receiver - as candidates for the team's first-round pick. "Other than those two positions, we're as open-minded as you can be," Del Rio said. "We have our eyes on certain positions we would like to solidify in the draft."


New defensive coordinator Gregg Williams could mix in the 3-4 in his plan if the team finds a linebacker who can rush on passing downs.

:  The Jaguars released safety Lamont Thompson, who signed with the team last November.  The only safeties on on the roster as of today are Reggie Nelson, Gerald Sensabaugh, and Jamaal Fudge.  This could mean anything, from an imminent switch to Safety for Brian Williams to an indication that the Jaguars think Kenny Phillips might be their first round pick.  Things will become more clear in a little over a week.

: In the AOL Fanhouse mock draft, the Jaguars select DT Kentwan Balmer from UNC.  I scoff at this pick, only because I think Trevor Laws was a better choice.  Don't forget, we're in the second round of our SB Nation Mock Draft, we'll be picking at 58 in a few days!

: Tight End Drew Atchison of William & Mary will be visiting the Jaguars on Monday.  I would not be surprised in the least if the Jaguars drafted a Tight End late in the draft, especially with the bad luck we've had with injuries.

:  Big Cat Country favorite Football Outsiders says that David Garrard is the best quarterback from the 2002 draft.  I'd agree.  Joey Harrington and David Carr didn't turn out so well...

: Old news, but the New Orleans Saints [signed Cornerback Aaron Glenn.  Glenn, as we learn in the article, is two years older than his position coach.  Good Luck Aaron, I was glad to have you last season.

: University of Florida Center Drew Miller is visiting the Jaguars on Monday.