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Jacksonville Jaguars offer Third Round Pick for Jason Taylor

[editor's note, by River City Rage] Props and thanks to reader NASF for pointing this story my direction!

Update [2008-4-2 22:2:41 by River City Rage]:: JagsMac and MyTeamCanBeatUpYourTeam from the Message Boards have an interesting idea. Trade our first and Third round pick for Jason Taylor and Miami's Second Round pick. We move back six spots on the first day and have two (solid track record) Second Round picks, and get Taylor. Not a bad idea, not bad at all...

The Miami Herald is offering up another piece of the Jason Taylor puzzle.  What makes this one different is that it's not their "blog" making the connection, but rather their actual sports section.

The Quote:

Even the Jaguars -- who appear at this point to be the team with the most interest in Taylor -- are believed to be willing to give up only a third-round pick. The Dolphins likely would only take a first-round choice or an early second-rounder for him.

A third round pick for Jason Taylor, not a bad offer if you ask me.  Miami can't forget that they're dealing with a 34 year old player that just isn't going to be relevant in their attempt to re-build that roster.  Getting something, in this case what WAS a first day pick for the guy is pretty good.  It's no slight to his talent either, it's just the reality that you don't spend first our second round picks on a player like that.  Though, I don't know that I'd be THAT upset if the Jaguars traded their late 2nd round pick for him, simply because it's not too hard for us to package our thirds and fifths to get back into the second round.  

Now, I thought that perhaps we could do a little wheeling and dealing with Atlanta to see if we could trade our late 2nd pick to Miami and still move up in the round.  

Short answer: No

Long Answer: Atlanta has the 24th and 37h pick, worth 560 and 530 points respectively.  The total value of the Jaguars 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th round picks is about 500.  So no, this is not feasible.  I was under the impression that we might be in play with just our two third round picks, but that's simply not the case without including a player in the deal.

While this has nothing to do with Jason Taylor, what about trading our second round pick (58, worth 320 points) and one third round (71, worth 235) for the 34th pick from Atlanta (560 points).  That should give us whomever we want in the first round AND a good shot at Defensive Tackle Trevor Laws, who's likely to be gone by the time we pick at 58.  We lose an extra third round pick to get a guy that we could really use.  

Anyhow, returning to the point.  Here is yet another piece of evidence that the Jaguars are in pursuit of Jason Taylor.  As we get closer to draft day, and this would be a draft day type trade, expect to see more of this come to light.