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Quick Bytes: Tuesday's allright, Saturday's better edition:

Quick Bytes: The daily digest of everything you need to know about the Jacksonville Jaguars.

I hope everyone is enjoying the new site!  I know it's a pretty radical change, but it's for the best.  If anyone has any problems, please let me know!


Michael Wright of the Florida Times-Union has a fantastic article about the Jaguars executive director of college and pro personnel, Gene Smith.  Gene, as we learn, joined the Jaguars in 1994.  With it being the most misleading period of draft season, I don't know how much to read into the behind the scenes of the draft room, but it's certainly interesting:

"Jack, Shack and I make team decisions based on a consensus opinion,'' Smith said. "We listen to our staff, then make the best organizational decision. In reality, I'm only one part of the process, and most of my decision-making is a product of the quality people I work with. I have more responsibilities now, but I've always felt a strong sense of respect and accountability to this organization."

: Brendan Sonnone of Jaguars Journal has a "perfect draft" up for the Jaguars.  I like it, he points out some players that I really like.  A name to remember: Notre Dame safety Tom Zbikowski.

: Peter King thinks the Jaguars trade their first round draft pick to Carolina, but does not say for what and why.  He does not mention why the Jaguars trade in his mock draft, nor does he determine if it's a Carolina trade up or a Jaguars move backwards.  Some might speculate that perhaps there's a trade for Defensive End Julius Peppers, an interesting idea, though far-fetched.

: DRAFT INTEREST UPDATE: The Jaguars sent scouts to the private workout for Wheaton College LB/DE Andy Studebaker.  He's a 6-3 250 lb pass-rushing defensive end/outside linebacker.  Very raw, but with potential.  I'll have more on Andy later this week, though he projects as a 7th round/UDFA.

: DRAFT INTEREST UPDATE: Jaguars also have showed interest in Tusculum Defensive Back Octavious Love.  Love's very much a potential undrafted free agent.  The Jaguars tend to use their allotted 30 visits to scout small college talent that will probably not be selected this weekend.  It's good for the Jaguars because they have the most undrafted free agents on the roster in the NFL, but it makes it very hard to gauge their interest in the first day prospects.

: DRAFT INTEREST UPDATE: Grand Valley State CB Brandon Carr and Eastern Kentucky CB Antwaun Molden both have visits scheduled.  The Jaguars scouts also attended Wisconsion WR Luke Swan's workout.

: This is pretty damn funny.

: Matt Miller of New Era Scouting has a fantastic free draft guide available. It's 90 pages of good reference material.  I'll have it spread out in front of me in New York City, if you'd like to play along at home, I'd go get it.

: Speaking of Mocking the Draft, we'll have the Jaguars 2nd round selection in the next day or so.  Please stop by MTD and let me know who we should pick.


There you go, a little bit of linkage to start your Tuesday.  I'll be back later with another prospect preview, and maybe even the first (and only) 2008 Big Cat Country Mock Draft!