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Derrick Harvey is a Jaguar: Jack Del Rio/James Harris Quotes

Press Conference Notes

Jack Del Rio: On Getting Derrick Harvey with the 8th pick:

“This wasn’t one we envisioned,” Del Rio said of the trade. “We didn’t think we had enough ammo to get into the top 10. We weren’t going to give up our whole draft.

Jack Del Rio: On getting the 8th pick without having the "draft pick points"

“I don’t think the focus should be on that,” Del Rio said. “Their thought process was to slide back and select some picks. We think he’s a great fit for us. It makes sense for us.

Jack Del Rio: On Addressing Defensive End:

“That was a position we were not able to address in free agency. We got a good start on it this weekend,”

Jack Del Rio: On Derrick Harvey

“He’s going to grow into a 280, 285-pound body. He’s got tremendous closure on the quarterback. He’s played his best football in big games,”

James Harris: On Derrick Harvey as a player:

“We play tough, hard-nosed football and he plays that kind of football,” Harris said of Harvey. “He can play run or pass. He’s an every-downs player.”

“We had a guy we wanted and we were willing to go get him. This is evaluating our team and what we need to strengthen our team. We felt we need a defensive end,”

Jack Del Rio: On the idea that the Jaguars were "one player away"

“I don’t believe in that type of philosophy. I don’t subscribe to that. There were a host of teams stacked to win it all. I don’t think it’s good to get into those types of decisions,”