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2008 NFL Draft: Final Thoughts Open Thread

It's over.

The 2008 NFL Draft is behind us, trailing away in the rear view mirror as we run (slowly) toward the 2008 regular season. We know more now about the Jaguars than we did a week ago, and I'll be the first to say that it's impossible to know how these things will play out.

The only prospect that I previewed to end up on the Jaguars was Quentin Groves, a player that I very much like. Trevor Laws, Red Bryant, Jason Jones, Brian Johnston and Tom Z were all drafted. Tommy Blake, despite my hopes, was not drafted.

Jacksonville ended up making five picks, four went to the defense. We reshaped our defensive line with two explosive pass-rushers, and were largely idle during the rest of the draft.

I'm meeting up with some family in New York City for the evening, consider this an open thread to discuss the NFL Draft, the Jaguars, the failure of the website, and anything else football related.