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Jack Del Rio Signs Contract Extension: Five Year Deal!

Update [2008-4-3 14:30:30 by River City Rage]:: Contract is for 5 years, money still unknown. More to come! reports that Head Coach Jack Del Rio has signed a contract extension.  The exact terms have not been released yet, and a quick search of the internet shows that it's not been leaked yet either.  The team plans on having a press conference at 1:00 EST to officially announce the extension.

Congratulations Jack on a well-deserved raise.  He's been one of the lowest paid coaches in the league, though he did sign a three million dollar a year extension in 2006 that expired after the 2008 season.  In the NFL, you don't let coaches have a "lame duck" season unless there's an obvious Heir Apparant or you're intentionally trying to run your team into the ground.

Seattle's Mike Holmgren is the NFL's highest paid coach at 8 million per year.  Tom Coughlin just won the Super Bowl and received a 4 year, 5.25 million dollar per year extension.  I don't expect Del Rio to be in that club, though he might deserve it.  I'd look for something like 4 years, 4.5-4.8 million range.

Now, signing Jack is a good move.  There's someone else I'd like to see extended in the near future, I wonder who it is...