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Jacksonville Jaguars Undrafted Free Agents: Scouting Report, part 1

The Jacksonville Jaguars signed quite a few undrafted free-agents after the draft. Many of these guys played at smaller schools or in conferences rarely seen on television. To better acquaint us with these potential Jagaurs, let's take a quick look at their scouting reports to get an idea of who they are and where they might fit in the roster.

There is a concerning lack of information about some of these players. If you know anything about them, please feel free to comment and expand our knowledge. The Jaguars have a reputation for turning undrafted guys into starters, though with our roster depth it's a long shot for any of them to make the team.


Nevada WR Adam Bishop:
Smart player known for hard work in film room and ability to recognize holes in zone defense. Good hands, though small. Tough blocker that takes that aspect of job very seriously. Injury prone, missed time with a stress fracture in left leg and repeated hamstring problems


Florida State DE Alex Boston: 6-2, 262 lbs: Key part of Florida State's defense in 2005 when replacing injured starters. Known to make some heady mistakes, or at least have terrible luck when drawing a penalty. Some minor injury concerns, though I'd say Boston has a difficult task in making this team at Defensive End.


Tennessee TE Chris Brown: Exciting prospect that will probably switch to fullback or H-back in the NFL. Hard working player who can run, catch, and block well enough to stand out on film, but not do anything well enough to be considered special. Very good hands out of the backfield and can make quick adjustments to rushed passes. Considered by scouts to be a "get in the way" blocker, rather than a physical "knock em down" type. Multi-functional, which is awesome.


Maine FB Anthony Cotrone: Anthony is another prospect that shows a wide variety of skills but lacks the ability at any one to make him stand out. He has a strong work ethic, serving as a backup quaterback, full back, and h-back at the University of Maine. Primarily of value in short yardage situations, but interesting potential.


Grambling WR Clyde Edwards: Small school stud at wide receiver with 200 catches, 3200 yards and 37 touchdowns. Was not invited to Combine, but ran a 4.49 forty-yard dash. Recognized as an "All-Soutwestern Athletic Conference" first team player, and was Grambling State University's all time leading receiver.

Maryland CB Isaiah Gardner: Gardner is the type of guy who could develop into an impressive cornerback if he devotes himself to special teams and improving his coverage skills. He plays with attitude and a short memory, traits that good corners must have. VERY WILLING AND STRONG IN RUN SUPPORT/ EXCELLENT SPECIAL TEAMS GUNNER. These are things you look for in undrafted free agents.


Arkansas CB Michael Grant: Ruptured his ACL in 2006, hurting his draft chances, though did impress with a 4.37 40 time at the combine. Could play safety in NFL if he bulks up, though it might slow him down. Breaks on ball quickly and flashes good closing quckness, good agility, though not quite strong enough in press-coverage. Watches the quarterback too much and will blow play action. Purely depth signing for the Jaguars.


Houston WR Jeron Harvey: Huge wide receiver at 6-5, 215 lbs. Not a fast receiver, but uses his body size to excel at fade routes and bubble screens. Big guy with good hands that uses physical size to beat faster cornerbacks. For his size he has excellent balance and body control, and can use body moves to "juke" cornerbacks. Needs confidence and patient development. Exciting prospect though.