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Big Cat Country:: Now with extra flare!

With the NFL Draft JUST around the corner, it makes sense to clean up the sidebar a bit.  Now, if you look to your left you'll see the new and improved NFL Draft Headquarters.

Credit where credit is due, Pride of Detroit helped me with the code. You might also have noticed a few times in the last hour where the site looked a little off kilter, that's me experimenting with the code a bit.  

Anyhow, here's what we've got:

  • NFL Draft Widget: It's got a countdown timer so that at any given second you know how much longer till we get new players to ogle.  It'll also link you to all the content about the draft prospects, videos, etc.
  • TV Coverage: Just in case we forget which channel to watch.
  • Jaguars' Draft Picks: This is actually pretty useful for keeping track of where exactly we pick.  I'm still having a hard time keeping all our 5th rounders figured out, so we've got that information right at our fingertips.  As the draft happens, it'll be updated with all sorts of goodness.  
  • SB Nation Mock Draft: We're awfully proud of our Mock Draft.  Last year it took us two months to do three rounds, we're scorching our previous record.  Having Matt Miller of New Era Scouting offering his insight is pretty damn cool.  This section will have a link to all the Jaguars picks, probably two rounds.
  • Got rid of old stuff: No more Jaguars free agents, no more 2007 signings, it's all about 2008 now!  Still have the sponsors though, gotta pay the bills.
  • Big Cat Country 2.0: Visit Bleed Cubbie Blue for a look at what the new Big Cat Country will look like.  I'm already salivating at auto refresh comments!