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Quick Bytes: Only 18 more Thursday's till the Regular Season Starts, edition...

Quick Bytes: The daily digest of everything you need to know about the Jacksonville Jaguars.

: I don't give him nearly enough credit, but's Vic Ketchman hit a home run yesterday .  If you're a junkie for this stuff like I am, it's old news, but Vic decided to engage with Mel Kiper Jr. and all the draftnik's who attack the Jaguars for being aggressive in the draft.

Let me give you a peek into what would’ve happened had the Jaguars traded for Taylor.

He would’ve been a big hit right away. We would’ve built him up big in OTA’s and training camp. Of course, he would’ve played very little in the preseason because he’s a proven star and proven stars are above such mundane pursuits as preseason games.

The regular season would’ve rolled around and after about three or four games, some hack of a sportswriter would’ve dared ask Jack Del Rio this question: “Coach, Jason Taylor only has one sack through the first three games. Are you concerned?”

Del Rio, of course, would’ve been forced into a hard denial and the sportswriter would’ve immediately become one of those poop-negative scribes who just doesn’t want the team to win. Three games and one sack later, the question would be asked again and the routine would repeat itself for the remainder of the season.

While I reek of hypocrisies on all things Jason Taylor, Vic makes a valid point.  What if Taylor had fallen short of expectations?  How nasty would the coverage have been?  Yes, trading for Jason Taylor, for the right price, would have been a good move.  But the BETTER move was getting Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves.  That we  got the pair without sacrificing a 1st or 2nd round in 2009 is remarkable. 

: Quentin Groves had very little contact with the Jaguars, according to Charles Goldberg of the Birmingham News:

Groves said the selection by Jacksonville was a surprise because his contact with the Jaguars before the draft was limited to three phone calls.

``It was probably the smallest. Other teams brought me in,'' Groves said.

: Derrick Harvey's draft day was also surprising :

Just as the countdown on the No. 7 pick (New Orleans) reached the midway point, Harvey’s cell phone started ringing, with a call from the 904 area code. Moments later, Harvey’s agent’s phone, rang too. Again, a 904 number.

“904! That’s Florida!” Harvey’s mother, Kim, started yelling.

But while the Jaguar officials who were on the phone with Harvey and his agent, Ken Kramer, were clearly up to speed on the trade, word hadn’t yet reached ESPN, who still showed Baltimore with the No. 8 pick. Harvey and Jack Del Rio continued to talk, and were still chatting when the trade was announced on ESPN.

: And just to round out the story, here is Florida Head Coach Urban Meyer's statement about Derrick Harvey:
“I’m proud and happy for Derrick Harvey. Not only is he a great player but a great person who comes from a tremendous family. Derrick has always done things the right way both on and off the field and it has paid off for him today. Derrick is joining a terrific organization. I have been fortunate to develop a relationship with Coach Jack Del Rio and he is first class. He goes about his business the right way. I always admire coaches and organizations who are hands on when it comes to the draft and learning all they can about the player they are drafting. I talked to Coach Del Rio a number of times and most of the conversations were not about football. He wanted to know what kind of person Derrick was. That says a lot about how they run the organization. He does things the right way and so does Derrick. They are a good fit and I’m excited about having him play professionally right around the corner.”

: NEW JAGUARS HAVE DRAFT NUMBERS: Harvey #91, Groves #93, Linebacker Thomas Williams #53, Cornerback Trae Williams #22, Washington #34.  There were also a few switches, Pettway is now 91, Smolko 47, and Prioleau #20.

: Here's a link to an amusing interview with Jack Del Rio.  Big Cat Country would like to give 1010XL "big props" for putting their radio shows on demand.  Information needs to be set free, and for those of us outside the listening area, this is very useful.

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