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Jacksonville Jaguars Defensive End Paul Spicer Skips OTA's


From the department of poor decisions:

Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Paul Spicer elected to not attend today's offseason training activity (OTA) at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium.  Fred Taylor, a regular no-show, was also absent, though he plans on attending a few between now and training camp.

Spicer's absence comes as a surprise, considering the amount invested at his position this year.  Spicer led the team in sacks last season, though at 32 years old, is rapidly approaching the end of his career.

It is probably contract related :

"I spoke to both of them this morning. I’ll let you ask (Spicer) how he wants to present it," Del Rio said when asked if Spicer’s absence is a result of contract discontent. "He expressed that he wouldn’t be here. I expressed that I’d like him to be here."

Paul last signed a contract with the Jaguars in 2006, a three year extension.  He's due to make 2.5 million dollars this season, and will be a free agent in 2009.  The Jaguars seem unlikely to give Paul Spicer the sort of extension that he would probably want at his age, though it's not suprising that he'd like to capitalize on his performance last season before he is rendered irrelevant by Quentin Groves and Derick Harvey.

There's always someone that's unhappy with their contract.  While Big Cat Country will always be unsympathetic to contract woes, it's not surprising to see Spicer do this, considering that the writing is on the wall for his future in Jacksonville.  He's a solid player that has a nasty habit of running his mouth and embarrassing the team, especially after we play the Indianapolis Colts. 

My advice to Paul is simple.  If you're not going to work out with the team, you better be working out somewhere, because all eyes are on your position, and nobody is safe.