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Jags' plan to keep high priced DE's

May 9, 2008   

Jaguars gradually phasing out starting defensive ends


Despite the Jaguars using their first two draft picks on defensive ends, Paul Spicer and Reggie Hayward, the Jaguars’ 2007 starting ends, don’t have to worry about getting cut. “The Jaguars have so much cap room that there’s really no concern,” one team insider said. That being said, the two veterans’ job security extends only through the upcoming season. It’s clear that the Jags are phasing Spicer and Hayward out of the equation, as they wish to indoctrinate draftees Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves into their defensive scheme. Neither Harvey nor Groves has the strength against the run that the current starters have, but the two rookies’ superior quickness makes them better fits for new defensive coordinator Gregg Williams’ high-pressure defense. The insider said to expect a heavy rotation at end this coming season, with Harvey and Groves getting the majority of repetitions in passing situations.