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Jacksonville Jaguars Contract News: Defensive Tackle Rob Meier signs 5 year extension



Jacksonville Jaguars Defensive Tackle Rob Meier agreed to a 5 year contract extension today and became the heir apparant to Marcus Stroud on the defensive line.  The terms of the contract, as usual, are unknown, but the numbers are bigger than the 2.095 base salary he was due under his previous contract. 


Meier, despite my terrible prediction that he might be one of the more vulnerable players on the roster, is a solid defensive tackle that filled in admirably in Stroud's absence.   When Stroud went to Buffalo, I assumed that defensive tackle would be a position of need going into the draft, but the Jaguars clearly think differently.  With Meier as the counterpart to Henderson, the Jaguars have Tony McDaniel and Derek Landri as the primary rotation in the middle. 

No matter how you shake it, that's a pretty solid group.  I'd expect to see Landri fill in on 3rd downs and obvious passing situations, and I would not be surprised to see Meier/Landri paired together often as their skills compliment each other.



Paul Spicer Drama Continues:

Paul Spicer received a contract offer as well, but he chose to turn it down .  Paul is due about 2.5 million in base salary this season, but clearly desires a new contract.  The first offer by the Jaguars was rejected, and it seems unlikely that the two parties will find a common ground.  Spicer is electing to miss the OTA's, though he is required to attend the Mini-camp on June 6th and 7th.

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