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Brian Smith... Injury may lead to release


"I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders," said Smith, who was on the sidelines when the team started its organized team activities Tuesday, although he insisted he'll be ready for training camp.

Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio said Smith's hip has healed, but the defensive end recently suffered another injury that he didn't specify.

Smith, who's down to 235 pounds from his playing weight of 245, might have trouble making the team after the long layoff, but he said, "When I get out there, I'm sure I'll prove I'm worthy to make the team."

Brian Smith, a 4th round pick from last year has suffered another injury that may cause him to struggle to make the team. Brian had 31 1/2 sacks in 44 total games for Missouri despite a hip injury his senior season which sidelined him for most of last year.

JDR wouldn't disclose the cause of the injury, which may signify its insignificance, however, Smith's weight is down and he can't afford to become known as injury prone. He was someone dubbed a jar on the shelf, but his "jar", like his bubble, may be about to burst.

The influx of new DE's, especially one's with such a knack for pass-rushing, may spell the end for this DPR, especially at a time when so many talented players litter our roster and extra spots are scarce. It might make more sense to keep an addittional CB or WR over another undersized DE. Only so many DE's can be on the field at once and I have a hard time thinking he'll beat out Groves on passing downs.