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Unnamed Sources say Jacksonville Jaguars for Sale

Now, let me set the record straight: I do not believe what I am reporting. I am merely passing along what Michael Silver reported on In his article about the St. Louis Rams being for sale, he mentions that "unnamed" league sources claim that the Jaguars owner, Wayne Weaver, has sought buyers for the team.

He then debunks said source by quoting Eddie DeBartolo:

One high-ranking league source says the Jacksonville Jaguars are another team that might be sold and relocated to L.A. and that owner Wayne Weaver has solicited potential buyers in recent months. But DeBartolo discounted the possibility of purchasing the Jags, saying, "I think (he'll sell) every year, but it doesn't happen. I get the feeling that Wayne really wants a Super Bowl, and every year he keeps thinking, 'It's gonna be the year,' and he decides to keep them."

It's that time of year. Every offseason there's a rumor, a quote, a statement from somewhere that the Jaguars are for sale and they're on the A-train to Las Angeles. And every year those reports are completely and utterly WRONG. There is no reason to assume the Jaguars are going to move to LA just because they're the smallest market. Reports like this are the result of poor research. The media hears about covered seats and assumes the Jaguars are playing in front of an empty house.

If Michael Silver had just googled "Jacksonville Jaguars Relocation", the first story would have explained the multitude of reasons why the Jaguars are safe. Wayne Weaver knows this team is on hot streak, and the City of Jacksonville is a growing community. It's certainly never going to be LA sized market, but it's got some long term potential.

The UNCOVERED 84,000 Seats makes JMS one of the top Five Stadiums in Capacity. Covering Seats does not mean we can't support the team, it merely means that the Stadium is too big for the market. Which it MUST BE for the occasional college game!

Remember, this is the City that's probably going to get the largest Aircraft Carrier in the World stationed there. That could add a billion dollars to the economy, not to mention the addition of all the support personnel.

The Stadium is in great shape. Were the Jaguars to leave, it would be the first team to move in a long while that did not have any stadium issues. Usually, teams move because they want a newer or bigger stadium with more fancy boxes to increase revenues. The Jaguars already have that as part of what they did to earn a Super Bowl, and therefore should not be on the list of teams that move.

Remember what Vic Ketchman said :

The Browns left Cleveland because of a stadium issue. That's why the Rams left Los Angeles, the Colts left Baltimore, the Cardinals left St. Louis and the Oilers left Houston. Down through history, stadium issues have usually been the reason teams have left one city for another. The Jaguars, however, don't have a stadium issue. As far as I know, the stadium situation here is fine, so don't compare the Jaguars to the Browns, Rams, Colts, Cardinals, Raiders, etc.

Besides, the Weavers do more for Jacksonville and Florida than most owners. The Jaguars Foundation, albeit with controversy, is extraordinarily generous and the Weavers go out of their way for the City.

This is a rumor, one we've heard before, and one that is complete and utter bullshit.


(BTW) It's my Birthday today, so my posting will be light!