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State of the D-Line

Loss of Stroud blessing in disguise for Jaguars

Could Jacksonville's DT rotation actually be even better in '08 after shipping Marcus Stroud to Buffalo? Although it's rarely a boon for a team to lose such a top-shelf talent, word out of Jacksonville is that Stroud was deemed expendable in no small part because of Rob Meier's solid play, for which Meier was handsomely rewarded last week in the form of a four-year, $15 million extension. Additionally, the team expects second-year pro Derek Landri to make a substantial impact as an attacking, penetrating tackle after showing glimpses of things to come down the stretch of his rookie campaign. With rookie DEs Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves expected to play substantial roles in Year One, the Jags genuinely believe that Meier's consistency will prove more valuable than the sometimes inspiring, sometimes questionable play that Stroud exhibited.

The media is starting to realize the Jags are stout at D-line and should be feared because of it. Rob Meier got just what he deserved for all his hard work and dedication to the "Teal Curtain" in the form of a 4 year extension worth around 15 million. Meier can clog the middle just as well as Stroud and has better speed and rush moves to attack the quarter-back. His age is somewhat of a factor, but obviously the Jags' front office isn't concerned, so neither am I.

I am psyched that the club is expecting Landri to step up as more of a rushing DT. The kid's got a motor that doesn't stop and showed he's got the ability to harass the QB from the DT position, an uncommon ability indeed. He may turn into yet another late-round gem for which we should credit our front office.

Our D-line is all but locked up for the next several years. Meier, McDaniel, the two rookies at DE and hopefully soon, Spicer. Although, truthfully, I'd be fine if Spicer didn't make it back. He's a great player, but clearly he's past his prime, and football is first and foremost a business.

We all know if you don't take care of the business end of the sport responsibly, you'll never make it to the top. That's part of the point I've been trying to make by going over our exceptional front office and coaching staff... Football is about more than just the athletes... It's the intangibles that make the difference in this sport.