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OTA Update: Jerry Porter Injured


[Note by River City Rage, 05/28/08 12:40 PM EDT ] As of right now, Vic Ketchman of confirms the injury and says it is a hamstring pull.

Jacksonville Jaguars Wide Receiver Jerry Porter was injured today while running drills during their offseason training today.  Jerry, according to 1010XL, a Jacksonville Radio Station, went down after favoring one knee, and "slammed his helmet on the ground".  Jaguars training staff stretched him out on the field and he did leave the field under his own power.

Porter recently missed a few repetitions during a previous OTA with what seemed to be a strained achilles.  This is his second injury in as many weeks.  Pete Prisco, who was present at the OTA, said that the injury did not appear to be serious, but the Jaguars should consider dialing down his participation to prevent a very expensive injury

Panic should be shelved, Jerry Porter is not the one shot answer to a Jaguars Super Bowl run.  He is one piece of a very strong offense that is on the rise.  There is no need to run to panic or worry that the team made a big mistake.  Injuries, especially to skill position players, happen.  The Jaguars should be very careful from here on out.  Jerry is not a fragile player per se, but he's showing signs of vulnerability, and I would much rather have him rest and study rather than risk an injury in his underwear.  David needs to get in to a comfort zone with his receivers, but with a guy like Jerry that will happen in due time.

This is something to keep a passive eye on, not something to freak out about.