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Stroud Still Not 100%... i.e. Jags Front-Office Scored Big!

Ok, let me start by saying that I loved Marcus; he was a beast and gave us his best years. However, this is a young man's game and Stroud is on the wrong side of thirty and had to have micro fracture surgery two years ago (for a detailed explanation of micro fracture surgery click here).

The article is basically a fluff piece by the Buffalo Daily News , but, as you well know, we read between the lines here at BCC so you get the real story. In response to a question, Stroud must've forgotten that his new fan base thinks his ankle is healed... It's apparently not.

“It’s not a question for me,” he said. “I feel pretty good. The ankle is not quite 100 percent but it’s darn close. I feel pretty good moving around. I’m running to the ball. I’m excited. I’m optimistic.”

Wow... I think I just had Deja Vu. In fact, I googled that exact quote and look what came up...

Defensive tackle Marcus Stroud revealed that his off-season ankle surgery was a bit more intensive than what was previously disclosed. Stroud said he underwent micro fracture surgery because there was a hole in the cartilage in his right ankle. "It's structurally sound. It's just a matter of getting it back strong," he said. "I'm not quite back [to] 100 percent. I'm getting there." Stroud missed five games last season because of an ankle injury.

That's out of a Two-Minute Drill article from last August.

Our front office scored big with this deal guys. It enabled us to basically secure Derrick Harvey, because without those picks, we didn't have the ammo to move up.

I really hope that Stroud finally does reach 100% and single handedly beats the Patriots, but I don't think it's going to happen.

This deal is looking more and more favorable for our beloved Jags. I don't know how many years the same injury can be almost 100%... He's been hurt a lot more than he's let on, or than the Jags let on. I believe that's partially the reason we were able to complete such a great trade.

I'll have a new Better Know a Jaguars Coach article up for tomorrow. The subject:  Donnie Henderson, and let me tell you guys, you don't want to miss it... Donnie's a genius when it comes to the secondary and y'all will like what I've put together on him.