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Profootball Weekly's Jags' update

Jaguars' coaches turning up the intensity dial
May 30, 2008

Thus far, the pairing of Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio and new defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is a harmonious one. Although he would never admit as much, we hear that Del Rio initially harbored some concern that appointing a fellow “Type A” personality — especially one who’s served as a head coach in the league — to replace the easygoing Mike Smith might cause some friction. With outspoken DB coach Donnie Henderson also in the coaching mix, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the intensity on the practice field is greater than it had been since Del Rio took control of the team. The energy provided by the coaches isn’t being exhibited merely as the natural byproduct of their personalities, however. With so many newcomers expected to play prominent roles on the defense, the coaches have put it upon themselves to ensure that practice sessions don’t erode into de facto chalk-talk sessions.

The Jaguar coaches have gotten an inordinate amount of publicity lately as fans begin to understand the true value of a coaching staff. We are truly blessed to have the gluttony of talent we do in Duval, and the Jaguars' defense will be the greatest beneficiary of the changes in style. Our defensive mentality this season will be even more physical, if you can believe that. Add a dash of aggressiveness and a pinch of intensity, and the Jags have all the ingredients to compete with the best in the NFL on both sides of the ball.