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Collier Sentenced to 6 Months Probation

Jaguar offensive-lineman Richard Collier plead guilty to DUI yesterday. He received 6 months probation and was fined less than $1,000 along with having his license suspended for the usual 6 months because he was a first time DUI offender.

The incident occured outside a McDonald's drive-thru where Collier was found passed out in his vehicle in 2007. Collier subsequently failed a field soberiety test and followed that by blowing a .096 for his BAC. Talk about a double-whammy!

Collier still proclaims his innocence despite the fact that he entered a plea agreement against the advice of his legal counsel. The trial was set to begin next Monday and Collier's stated intent was to spare the city the embarrassment of having a Jaguar on trial.

Forgive me for being skeptical of his innocence, however, I do commend him for making the whole issue disappear. A public trial would've only led to unwanted attention thrown the Jags' way, and from what I've heard, it was an open and shut case. You never can be too sure with the court system though.

The real question is why the Jaguars have had such an epidemic of alcohol related arrests. Shall we count the ways? Barnes (twice), Brian Williams, and now Collier have all succumbed to the allure of the fire-water. Let's not forget about the litany of arrests that had no alcohol involved at all. For these, the only excuse is sheer stupidity, the names Gerald Sensabaugh (guns and speeding; wheelies) and Justin Durant (resisting arrest w/out violence) immediately come to mind.

 Nothing wrong with drinking, it's perfectly legal, but these cats should know not to then get behind the wheel of a car. It's a completely selfish act, and frankly, I'm ashamed of all of them.

 What are your thoughts Jag fans? Am I a goody two shoes who's over-reacting, or does someone in the organization need to lay down the law? This type of behavior is unacceptable and needs to be corrected before our beloved Jags are mistaken for the Bengals.