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Jacksonville Jaguars Signing: Lavarus Giles proves that Workouts Matter

In what can only be described as an absoulte longshot, Running Back Lavarus Giles became an official member of the Jacksonville Jaguars today.  Running Back D.D. Terry, who had looked pretty good so far in OTA's was released to make room for Giles.

D.D. Terry had some minor fumbles in practices, but nothing so major that it seemed that he was  a release candidate for one of the tryout players.

More on Giles:

Jackson State University running back Lavarus Giles might be the fastest player you've never heard of.  In fact, there's a strong likelyhood that we'll hear his name in the Olympics in a few years, as his straight-line speed is nearly unbeatable.  Why then, is he an undrafted prospect hoping that a tryout on a team stacked at running back is his only shot at the NFL?

His 4.41 40-yard dash was impressive at the JSU Pro-day, but his change of direction drills and footwork leave something to be desired.  Frankly, while his speed is fantastic for running in a straight line, there is very little track style running in the NFL.  His speed is unquestioned though: JSU Track Coach Ernest Tche (a two-time Olympian himself) has this to say:

"If he would train for track on a day-to-day basis, he could be an Olympic runner. Without a doubt. As far as size and speed and if he would just concentrate on track, (he compares) almost like a Maurice Greene type athlete."

His shot at the roster is slim, but he's hoping to show a team that his speed can translate into on the field performance.  His backup plan isn't so bad though.